William Engdahl Interview. Great Backgrounder On The Ukraine

William Engdahl is one of the most erudite Geopolitical analysts alive to day and this interview is a great backgrounder on what is happening in Ukraine. Well worth listening. You might want to start reading up on his excellent series called the Financial Tsunami about the global reach of the Banking cartel for more information.

The Armageddon Looting Machine: The Looming Mass Destruction from Derivatives

And the Fed just keeps on printing!!! By Ellen Brown Increased regulation and low interest rates are driving lending from the regulated commercial banking system into the unregulated shadow banking system. The shadow banks, although free of government regulation, are propped up by a hidden government guarantee in the form of safe harbor status under […]

Derivatives and John Key: How John Key made his money and why he is not a good idea for New Zealand 2

In the run up to the 2011 New Zealand election I want to highlight the financial career of John Key, the Derivatives trade and why this makes him an unsuitable candidate for New Zealand. Here is part 2 of the Financial Tsunami Series written by W. Engdahl. The Financial Tsunami: The Financial Foundations of the […]

Derivatives and John Key, how he made his money and why he is not a good idea for New Zealand 1

In the months leading up to the next election I would like to pay more attention to how John Key made his money with what kinds of financial products how these products are now destroying the financial system and why this makes him a dangerous man for New Zealand. I would first like to bring […]

The Financial Tsunami has not reached its Climax

The Sub Prime Meltdown is but the Tip of the Iceberg While attention has been focussed on the relatively tiny US “sub-prime” home mortgage default crisis as the center of the current financial and credit crisis impacting the Anglo-Saxon banking world, a far larger problem is now coming into focus. Sub-prime or high-risk Collateralized Mortgage […]