5,000 Years of History Shows that Mass Spying Is Always Aimed at Crushing Dissent

An interesting observation by Washington’s blog: Tyrants Have Always Spied On Their Own People Spying has been around since the dawn of civilization. Keith Laidler – a PhD anthropologist, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a past member of the Scientific Exploration Society – explains: Spying and surveillance are at least as old as […]

Courage is Being Scared to Death But Saddling Up Anyway

I know. I have two horses and haven’t ridden in more than 20 years on a regular basis and every time I saddle up I have to conquer the fear. I love my horses and am fearless when I play with them and take care of them but when I clime on one of them I realise how strong and unpredictable they really are and much as I love them I am not a fool. Fear is what keeps me safe!

I also know great fear when I post on my blog. I know the evil in this world because I experienced it first hand and most people here in NZ have no idea what real evil is. So I dare say that I know what courage is and also that I may break and run. I’m human and so are you.