On Power Outages and Privatisation. Remember Enron?

Back in 2011, the risk of fire at substations such as Penrose was identified as possibly leading to a “high-impact failure”. New Zealand Herald Bomber Bradbury asks on his blog the Daily Blog why Aucklanders have to pay for their powergrid upgrades? He does so because John Key promised us that privatisation would make for […]

Judith Collins Behaved Like A Bully On Twitter But Now It’s Not So Much Fun Anymore Or Who’s The Senitive Wee Sausage Now?

Update: Judith Collins regrets Orivida interactions? No Judith, you regret being caught for the greedy unpricipled pig that you are. Step down! In true bully fashion Judith Collins has announced that she will retreat from Twitter. I say bully fashion because that of course is what a bully does. It’s one thing to make arrogant, […]

The failure to investigate 9/11 has bankrupted the Western world financially and morally

This excellent post from Washington’s blog was originally titled; The failure to investigate 9/11 has bankrupted America financially and morally but that is not true of course. It has bankrupted the entire Western world both morally and financially. It allowed our masters to take us to war all over the globe. NATO with all it’s […]