On Six Packs And Foreign Bankers Or Why We Are Losing The Battle For A Better World

Today the Daily Mail opened with an article on how to develop a six pack in 12 weeks. Now I don’t know about you but in the grand scheme of things developing a six pack is not very high on my list of frontpage news. Here are some links to information I would like to […]

The European Stabilisation Mechanism Inaugurated Means The Bankers Have Taken Over!

This morning the European Stabilisation Mechanism has been inaugurated. This was made possible because the German high court decided it was OK to give up financial independence to a group of unknown unelected Banking technocrats. Here is a video lining out some of the conditions these people have created for themselves to operate under: And […]

Spain is collapsing and Egypt is shutting the gas to Israel down which one will collapse the global economy first

Update 11:54 am. Well, that didn’t take long: Racist, Arab hater, minister of foreign affairs and all round scumbag Lieberman says Egypt is more dangerous than Iran. In what of course is largely evading the NZ MSM here are some news items which should worry you greatly. First of all Egypt Israel’s key energy provider […]

The Exchange Stabilisation Fund and The European Stability Mechanism: Unelected and all powerfull or 9/11 any one?

Today I would like to present you with a series of video’s I ran across the other day. I don’t necessarily endorse them but found them intriguing and if true terrifying enough to want to at least share them here. Here is a series of five video’s educating the viewer on a little known secretive […]