Greece under bankers control who’s next? Italy of course and financial stocks collapse!

While in an interesting twist of fate the Greek PM which was to be  a banker by the name of Papademos has not been decided upon the Banksters have opened their all out attack on Italy which will be brought next under Bankers occupation while I thought that Berlusconi was an utter buffoon rest assured […]

As faith in bank bailouts dims, losses set to deepen

By Pedro Nicolaci da Costa – Analysis NEW YORK (Reuters) – The nightmare scenario for U.S. economic authorities is here: confidence in their ability to rescue the country from a housing-led financial panic is now at its lowest level since the crisis began. This means losses for investors, already totaling nearly half a trillion dollars, […]

1 in 33 Homeowners Projected to Be in Foreclosure Within the Next Two Years

This will affect more than 9 million people. Man, women and children. New Report Highlights Actions States Are Taking To Help Mitigate The Mortgage Crisis And Urges Federal Legislation To Take State Efforts Into Account WASHINGTON, April 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — One in 33 homeowners is projected to be in foreclosure primarily over the next two […]