Huljich, Banks and Brash, corruption at the highest level, one law for you and another for them

If you or I were partners owned a company and we had two equal partners and we were convicted of misleading  possible new clients with fraudulent financial figures in our prospectus, I’m sure those partners if they co-signed the prospectus would have to defend themselves like I had to against the accusations. Not so it […]

Brash flies off to money meetings

With the collapse of the Euro and the total take over of the tax revenue of all the Euro countries, the end of the sovereignty of these Nations is a fact. Europe will be run by it’s banking Mafia until they decide to stop paying into it and return to their own currencies. Whatever will […]

9/11, Greece, Lybia, Economic collapse,John Key and Don Brash. Wall street connects them all, when are we going to fight back.

While our bankster elite (both John and Don are after all finance boys firmly connected to the financial Wall street elite and the neocon boys through friendships and business relationships with Armitage, Geitner and Milton Friedman to name a few) advance the agenda of the international banksters here is a video of family members of […]

And then there were two: John Key and Don Brash, two Wall street neo-con insiders, will they rule New Zealand?

Doesn’t it strike you as bizarre that one man who is not a member of a party can take over the leadership of that party? Apparently that is what has happened to the ACT party and the new leader is now Don Brash. According to John Key this will not lead to Don Brash having […]