“No Refusal” Blood Draw Checkpoint Planned for Ohio. It Starts With DUI Check Points And Finger Prints.

As the roadside buses to aid with Alcohol checks are rolled out to serve as instant roadside police stations equipped to take fingerprints if you have been found over the limit it pays to remember that this is how it started in the United States too. A “no refusal” checkpoint where drivers will be forced […]

DNA sample to be taken from students before SAT college entrance exams

Get acclimatised to being a slave tagged and marked and in serious debt for trying to get an education. Standardized testing is a common method by which colleges and universities evaluate the competency of applying high school students. But an increasing amount of students are cheating on such tests, which has caused lawmakers in New […]

Millions of profiles from DNA database passed to private firms

Papers obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that on five occasions since 2004 private firms with police contracts have successfully applied to use the database to help them develop computer programs. The DNA database contains records of 4.2 million people, of which a million have never been convicted of an offence. Records are […]

In government, nothing is sacred

Signed into law April 24, 2008, the oh-so innocent sounding Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act of 2007 establishes a national database of newborn DNA. This law establishes collection and warehousing of newborn DNA for scientific research and requires no parental consent or knowledge. As reported by Minnesota state health department, 42,210 of the 780,000 children […]