US Marines,Depleted Uranium and US Bases, Are You Ready For This Thing Called Love?

Since 9/11 the US has been showering their love for their fellow man around the globe. Well… they did so before the events but since then they have, I hope you will agree, intensified to truly maniacal proportions their attempts to “free” the planet of nasty terrorists and other monsters hell bend on destroying our […]

Send Beyond Treason to all pro-Depleted Uranium voters

If you like me are against the use of Depleted Uranium in wars (which of course is something we should not be involved with either) you might want to consider the following. Here is a link to the video “Beyond Treason” which exposes the US and NATO mentality of the exposable  soldier and the real […]

The Maori Party shows its true Colours once again! No DU ban thanks to Pita Sharples!

I respect the fact that Tangi’s are important and need to be attended but they last for three days for a reason; To make sure that everybody has the opportunity to pay their respects and to share the grief with the family if and when they can make it. To be an elected representative of […]

The Actual Victims Toll of 9/11

“Saddam never had any weapons of mass destruction but nevertheless, with the American invasion of Iraq, the Iraqis were destined to experience what it really meant to be bombarded with such weapons.” By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat   New Yorkers dumbstruck by the mysterious collapse of the towers on 9/11 It is still one of my […]

What do Afghanistan Iraq and Libya have in common? Oh oops, Depleted Uranium.

While my good friends at the Standard still think that Afghanistan is a good war and Libya was invaded to “liberate” the Libyan people while some of them think that Iraq was the wrong war even thought the rationale for invading that country was also liberating the Iraqi people from their “oppressor” let me point […]

New Zealand takes part in war crimes and the biggest holocaust since World War II.

This article was first published on May 4th 2008. I thought I’d publish it again to remind us of the fact that in Afghanistan hundreds of thousands of people are suffering and will be suffering in the next 4/5 billion years of the after effects of Depleted Uranium. Were is the outrage?!!!!! While the average […]

What does a Fallujah like attack on Marja mean for the future of the city

This week it was announced that the city of Marja in Afghanistan was a hotbed of “Al Qaeda” and “Taliban” activity and as such it would be attacked by over 15.000 troops. US, UK and NATO troops will be launching an attack to finally root out the “Taliban”. Why now and why at all? Because […]

Open letter to the Green party leadership

For those of you who missed it: Please watch the excellent lectures of the DU specialists at the bottom of the letter. While the average New Zealander thinks that it is OK for New Zealanders to be involved in the war in Afghanistan, because we have to do our bit, nobody even questions why we […]

Government to apologise to Vietnam veterans

So when the effects of depleted uranium will manifest it self, how long will the government deny that and how long before the next government will apologise to this generation of soldiers? The government will offer a formal apology to Vietnam veterans and their families on Wednesday. The apology will take place at Parliament. Read […]

Missives From the Fiery Pit of Eternal Hell

Dr. Fasy is an Associate Clinical Professor of Pathology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. He has longstanding interests in carcinogenesis and environmental toxicology. In the past two years, he has lectured at conferences and university campuses on the toxic effects of inhaling uranium oxide dusts derived from depleted uranium […]

Crews moving contaminated sand from ship to rail

Just in case you still think Depleted Uranium is a good material to use as ammunition. Longshoremen should finish unloading 6,700 tons of sand contaminated with depleted uranium and lead Tuesday afternoon, said Chad Hyslop, spokesman for the disposal company American Ecology. The BBC Alabama arrived at the port Saturday afternoon with the 306 containers […]