Obey; A Film Based On Chris Hedges “Death Of The Liberal Class”.

Robin from “See more rocks” blog pointed out that Cris Hedges book; Death of the liberal class would be a good read to gain insight in what role Mercenaries and contractors play. That book I can not provide here but I can at least give you a link to a film based on the book. […]

Is the Standard blog a mainstream media shill

In what can only be described as a mainstream media propaganda piece a previously unknown writer named Michael Valley (who has no other web presence such as a blog making independent verification of his integrity or political independence impossible) published a post which can only be described as an unmitigated call for yet another all […]

Labour leader calls for Waitangi Day honours

David Shearer, the new labour leader thinks we should put new year and the Queens honours thingy on Waitangi treaty day. How droll!! Maybe he would like to explain to us how come he worked for some of the most globalist and warmongering institutes of the global elite before being pushed onto the stage of […]