Mafia and Wall street, you can never leave!

Just the other day I had an interesting interaction on Kiwi blog. I thought it would be educational to give them the link to my open letter to Eugene Bingham. To my surprise one obvious John Key voter actually engaged in a more or less reasonable interaction which judging by the obviously mentally challenged troll […]

The Crash course or why the system is collapsing

Over the last couple of weeks I have seen a huge increase in readers what’s more most of them seem to be from New Zealand. The numbers are not super spectacular but for a one person blog on the controversial subjects of geopolitics, international finance and 911 to have an average of between 80 to […]

Solving the debt crisis with more debt? I don’t think so!

Update: Well that didn’t last long; First cracks appear in Greece bailout plan already!!! Big slush fund, more powers for unelected bankers and trillions more debt to sort out the financial mess in Europe the entire global financial system and just to keep corrupt financial terrorists from bankruptcy? I don’t think so! There is just […]