NZ’s Afghan veterans tested for radioactivity and Beyond Treason or why DU does not show up in Ordinary Radiation TestsTests.

I once had the opportunity to speak with Doug Rokke, one of the most ardent anti DU advocates. Doug Rokke is the man who wrote the book on DU and the disposal of weapons of mass destruction for the US army. He should know. He is dying of the effects of DU poisoning. As a […]

Kenya mourns death of Nobel peace laureate Wangari Maathai at 71

I mourn her death too. Kenyans mourned the passing of a national hero yesterday after it was announced that the Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai had died of cancer at a Nairobi hospital, aged 71. Remembered by many in her native country as a fierce human rights campaigner, she was better known internationally for her conservation […]

Still dying from 9/11: Toxic legacy of World Trade Center attack revealed as dust increases risk of cancer by a fifth!

People ask me why are you still busy with 911? It happened 10 years ago. Well this is one reason why I am still busy with 911! Study refutes Federal claim that there is no link between 9/11 and cancer Dust contained lead from 50,000 computers and mercury from light bulbs 60,270 people at risk […]