So Who Were The Man Dressed In Black And Tan? An Explanation Emerges.

Over the week since the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon pictures have emerged of a group of man dressed in unmarked black and tan outfits. Here is a possible explanation of their presence. Does it mean all questions are answered? I don’t think so! By Washington’s blog What about the “Craft” Mercenary? Preface: This […]

Update On The Events In Boston And Oh, 55 People Died in Iraq Because Of Roadside Bombs Today!

Rapports are emerging about “drills” taking place in Boston at the same time as the bombs went off which is always suspect as both 9/11 and 7/7 had drills going that reflected the real events at the time they were happening. There are also rapports about a man of Saudi descent being held for question […]

Black Hawk Helicopters Over American Cities Shooting With Blanks, What Are They Practicing For?

Obama allegedly is firing generals if they refuse to give the command to kill American citizens as three densely populated ares in the US have been the scene of black hawk helicopters firing blanks with their on board machine guns in what appears a military exercises. From as wide spread as Miami, Boston, Minneapolis reports […]