Open Letter To The All Blacks: AIG’s CEO Thinks He Is A Lynched Nigger Cause Of His BIG Bonuses. Where Is The Outrage!

If the All Blacks refuse to address their Sponsor’s vile attempts to redirect the righteous anger of millions of Americans who are suffering because of the massive bailouts to AIG and other financial institutions I suggest Maori should re-appropriate the Haka and let the All Black be who they have chosen to be: A rich mans toy and money generator for more dishonest financial scams and products.

25 Signs That The Smart Money Has Completely Written Off Southern Europe

In Spain the bankers responsible for the Spanish mayhem are jumping ship with huge bonuses leaving the Spanish with the mess as the big buyers of bonds desert Southern Europe. But that is only a fraction of the signs that the Smart money guys are leaving Southern Europe to collapse as the money Ponzi scheme […]