Blue chip stocks hit by £64bn wipeout

More than £64 billion was wiped off the value of blue chip stocks in London today in another traumatic session sparked by fears of further bank failures across Europe America’s agreement over a 700 billion US dollar bank bail-out did little to calm investor nerves, rattled by news of Bradford & Bingley’s nationalisation and similar […]

90 yr old faces losing her home over Blue Chip – report

I would like to know what John Key intends to do about fraudulent and irresponsible financing companies. No wait I already know the answer. Nothing! John Key made most of his money in the most deregulated banking system since the great depression. Speculating in currencies and Bonds and derivatives. Gwendoline Harrison is plagued by nightmares […]

Blue Chip rent collection companies in liquidation

Three companies which collect rent for investors in troubled property specialist Blue Chip have been placed in liquidation, a leading insolvency expert confirmed yesterday. Jeff Meltzer, an Auckland-based liquidator, has met with representatives of the companies but said he was still waiting for confirmation that he had been appointed liquidator of Bribanc Property Group, ART […]