Suppressed Details of 9/11 Criminal Insider Trading lead directly into the CIA`s Highest Ranks

This an article which appeared on the 9th of Oktober 2001. A mere 4 weeks after the attacks of 9/11. I thought it well worth repeating. CIA Executive Director “Buzzy” Krongard managed Firm that handled “put” Options on UAL by Michael C. Ruppert FTW Publications, 9 October 2001, Centre for Research on Globalisation,, 20 […]

John Key and Credit Default Swaps Part 1: A Quick Primer

Over the next couple of days I’m going to attempt to tell a long story, about 25 years worth of banking history and how John Key is connected to the most vile products devised by the Financial elite. I have decided to cut it in segments to make the build up and the end result […]

Coming later today: John Key, More lies, Bankers trust and Credit Default Swaps! Or did John Key help birth the instrument of financial mass destruction?

Pushed by one of my commentators I dug into the history of Credit Default Swaps today credited with being one of the most destructive speculative tools ever designed by the bankster criminals and guess what; it leads straight back to John Key’s first bank, the Bankers Trust Bank . After I have settled some commitments […]

Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert on Banksters and how Merrill Lynch got in the Derivatives business

In 1995 Bankers trust bank in which John Key learned his (derivatives) trade collapsed. It turned out that they had sold dodgy derivatives to Proctor & Gamble and some other big wigs who didn’t take to kindly to being ripped of by their banksters. Unlucky for the bank some tapes which were made of all […]

Deutsche Bank Writedowns Exceed $11 Billion

FRANKFURT — Deutsche Bank AG announced fresh writedowns on Thursday, taking its bill from the global financial crisis beyond $11 billion. Germany’s flagship financier had originally been seen as one of the few to emerge unscathed from the crisis, but as the problems on global markets continue Deutsche Bank is being sucked ever deeper into […]

John Key and the things he does not want you to know: Part 1, the attack on the NZ dollar in 1987

It seems more and more people find their way to this post. If you think this post merits attention please give the link to anyone you know with a computer or alternatively print it out and share it with family, friends and colleagues. if you care to rpint it out please make sure you print […]