Love Him Or Hate Him: Alex Jones Versus Pierce Morgan

I have a limited amount of patience for Alex Jones.  He has after all been one of the people pointing out the increasing fascist control mechanisms being put in place over the last couple of decennia in the United States and Europe. I also understand that for many people he is a buffoon, a redneck […]

The Collapse Between Now and April 2013. Are you Prepared?

Here are a few Videos! Max Keiser,Gerald Celente and Alex Jones with their guests discussing Gold and Silver manipulation, global collapse and how it might look and the LIBOR scam uncovering the manipulation of just about every market!

Oh, and how the Corporate Privatised Prison system is competing the last surviving businesses out of the market. Soon the only way US citizens will get a job will be if they go to prison!

Daniel Estulin on the Bilderberg group and the “Great Cull”.

  In Greece thousands of people would starve to death if it wasn’t for the fact that Greek farmers gave away their produce for free yet we just committed a whopping $ 1.36 billion to the IMF. Our government has just committed this country  to two military Super powers which will probably see this country […]

Alex Jones Prison planet freely accesible for the next five days for live updates about the Bilderberg group meeting

Ok, this is very important. The next five days Alex Jones Prison planet is free. They have a page which updates as news about the Bilderberg meeting comes out. While here in New Zealand not a lot of people know about it with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key visiting NATO head quarters (Australia is […]

A noble lie: the Oklahoma bombing 1995

This is an interview from Alex Jones with James Lane and Chris Emery who made the film A noble lie Oklahoma 2995 about the events in Oklahoma when it was alleged that Timothy McVey and Terry Nichols blew up the Murrah building. In the aftermath of this event the first anti Terrorist laws were implemented. This […]

That old devil: the left/right paradigm, never the twain shall meet?

The last couple of days I have been having fun shaking up the sleepy woefully naive people over at the Standard. Wow, I most certainly underestimated how little people over here really know about the outside world and how having lived in Europe for the first 50 years of my life has given me a […]