If the Former Chairman of Nasdaq is a Crook, Who Can You Trust in America?

Scoopit! But Key, who made an estimated $50 million buying and selling the New Zealand dollar as a trader in the 1980s (Funny how he does not mention the 1990s), ducked any blame for the current situation, saying the system was now radically different to when he was a trader. Colin Espiner 22 Nov 2008 […]

Bankrupt Britain Trending Towards Hyper-Inflation?

The mainstream media is increasingly full of stories of either Britain going bankrupt or the coming deflation associated with the recession. Whilst both are now obvious given the economic data and government actions however what is missing from the headlines is that under the weight of the exploding public sector debt mountain, deflation will fast […]

Making Nuclear Extermination Respectable

By James Petras 31/07/08 “ICH” — – -On July 18, 2008 The New York Times published an article by Israeli-Jewish historian, Professor Benny Morris, advocating an Israeli nuclear-genocidal attack on Iran with the likelihood of killing 70 million Iranians – 12 times the number of Jewish victims in the Nazi holocaust: “Iran’s leaders would do […]

Commercial bankruptcies soar, reflecting widening economic woes

WASHINGTON — Driven by a sour economy and skittish consumers, U.S. business bankruptcies saw their sharpest quarterly rise in two years, jumping 17 percent in the second quarter of 2008, according to an analysis by McClatchy. Commercial filings for the first half of 2008 are up 45 percent from last year, as the national climate […]

War pimp alert: Secret US air force team to perfect plan for Iran strike

THE United States Air Force has set up a highly confidential strategic planning group tasked with “fighting the next war” as tensions rise with Iran. Project Checkmate, a successor to the group that planned the 1991 Gulf War’s air campaign, was quietly re-established at the Pentagon in June. It reports directly to General Michael Moseley, […]

Secret meeting broke ice between NZ, US

So what else has been kept secret? Well, I spoke to a Vietnam war veteran friend of mine, who told me that at least 300 ex-military personal are currently stationed in Iraq as part of the “streamlined” relations with the US. They are part of the war effort and are training in modern warfare techniques. […]