The Plot Thickens: Did Hurricane Sandy Cause $36.5 Trillion In Damage?

Interestingly enough the Clearing house which had an alleged 36.5 Billion of Paper in its vault processed $ 1.6 quadrillion  worth of derivatives in 2010 alone putting paid to the notion that the total of derivatives is a mere $ 1.5 quadrillion in total. Watch this space! First of all: the answer to the title […]

Dit The The Depository Trust & Clearing Corp Of New York Just Lose $36.5 Trillion In Derivatives?

According to Dutch News paper the Telegraaf the The Depository Trust & Clearing Corp of New York just lost $ 36.5  TRILLION in Derivatives in Hurricane Sandy. According to Newsweek the clearing house admits that the cellars have been been flooded but denies that the paper work has been destroyed stating that the real damage […]