CBI breaks with the US dollar

Could this be the beginning of the end of Dollar Hegemony?  The Central Bank of Iran says the process of converting the country’s dollar reserves to other foreign currencies has been completed. The process of diversifying Iran’s foreign exchange reserves by converting reserves held in dollars to other currencies is almost complete, Fars news agency […]

New EU foreign policy think tank created

The American sister think tank with the name Council for Foreign Relations is generally seen as omne of the mose secretive powerfull right wing organisations in America. I suspect that his group will lobby for a more agressive stance on Iran amongst other things.(travellerev) A group of European politicians and intellectuals have started a new think tank […]

Bush threatens to militarily “confront” Iran

by Bill Van Auken In his second foreign policy speech in less than a week, President Bush Tuesday portrayed the ongoing US military occupation in Iraq as part of a broader regional struggle to defend vital US interests against “radicals and extremists.” Contained in this speech was the explicit threat of widening the US war […]