Anger at Nat plan to boost GP fees

Lots of promises, lower tax for the rich, privatazation of healthcare (like in America) yep John Key and nats are finally showing their true colors Public health groups are angry at National Party plans to remove caps on doctors’ fees if it wins next year’s election. National announced yesterday it would scrap the Government’s controls […]

GAO report: Medicare not doing enough insurer audits

Private insurance companies participating in Medicare have been allowed to keep tens of millions of dollars that should have gone to consumers, and the Bush administration did not properly audit the companies or try to recover money paid in error, congressional investigators say in a new report. The investigators, from the Government Accountability Office, said […]

Key pledges to improve funding for private-sector care of the elderly

The National Party says funding for care of the elderly is inadequate, and it proposes regular increases in payments and more partnerships with the private sector. National leader John Key outlined proposals in a speech to the Health Care Providers Conference in Rotorua yesterday. He said New Zealand’s ageing population meant the private sector would […]

What’s Missing on Your FDA Drug Warning Label: Corporate Influence over the Safety Process

By Martha Rosenberg, AlterNet. Posted August 28, 2007.Ninety-two percent of FDA advisory meetings in the last decade included a member with financial ties to drug companies. A look at how that affects the drugs that are allowed on the market — even after they’re shown to be deadly. Tools They’re just dropping like Chinese imports […]

Insurers demand sensitive files from doctors

By MARY JANE BOLAND – Sunday Star Times | Sunday, 2 September 2007Email a Friend | Printable View | Have Your SayRelated Links • Subscribe to Archivestuff • Have your say Advertisement AdvertisementInsurence companies are demanding access to patients’ confidential medical records in a move which has alarmed doctors and prompted privacy complaints. The new […]