Cato’s Trade Report: Blinded by Ideology

By Paul Craig Roberts 10/09/07 “ICH” — — On August 28 the Cato Institute in Washington DC published a report, “Thriving in a Global Economy: The Truth about US Manufacturing and Trade.” The report confuses a company’s offshored products with its import competition and wrongly concludes that US companies with the most import competition are […]

Update: National accused of running secret health agenda

12:12PM Thursday September 27, 2007 Tony Ryall The National Party is being accused of running a secret agenda after confirming it will scrap controls on doctors’ fees. Health spokesman Tony Ryall and Party leader John Key launched a discussion document, which made no mention of doctor costs. Mr Ryall insisted he had previously announced that […]

Anger at Nat plan to boost GP fees

Lots of promises, lower tax for the rich, privatazation of healthcare (like in America) yep John Key and nats are finally showing their true colors Public health groups are angry at National Party plans to remove caps on doctors’ fees if it wins next year’s election. National announced yesterday it would scrap the Government’s controls […]