Communities Take Power

by Doug Pibel The Citizens of Barnstead, New Hampshire, Used Local Law to Keep Corporate Giants Out of Their Water Gail Darrell, center, and other Barnstead, New Hampshire, residents pressed for a law to counter the “tyranny and usurpation” of the people’s right to govern themselves, especially with regard to water. Gordon Preston, left, and […]

Will the real John Key step forward

By Ruth Berry John Key He’s sleek, affable, has charisma and natural political instincts but lacks experience and gravitas yet has such confidence it’s both impressive and a little unnerving. And while people no longer ask who John Key is and clearly seem to like him, they remain unsure what he stands for and where […]

Tycoon pays $11m for penthouse but complains about NZ taxes

By Anne Gibson  Deck view pic of Sentinal apartment in Takapuna, Auckland. An Indian businessman has paid a record price for an apartment, parting with $11 million for a new Auckland penthouse. But high taxes mean he may spend little time there. Mike Panjwani – who has business interestsin New Zealand, India, Singapore, Europe and […]

Tensions high ahead of summit protests

By Greg Ansley  An Australian FA-18 fighter aircraft circles over Sydney as part of security for the Apec summit. SYDNEY – Tensions continued to mount in Sydney as senior politicians and police warned protesters to shun violence in demonstrations planned for the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation forum leaders’ summit in the city. Concern grew yesterday […]

The Predicted Financial Storm Has Arrived

By Gabriel KolkoContradictions now wrack the world’s financial system, and a growing consensus exists between those who endorse it and those who argue the status quo is both crisis-prone as well as immoral. If we are to believe the institutions and personalities who have been in the forefront of the defense of capitalism, we are […]


By David Podvin Another Labor Day has arrived, making it the perfect time to examine how American workers are victimized by those who pledge friendship. Conservatives never betray laborers, if only because it is impossible to betray people you openly despise. It is progressives who seduce the working class with false promises of fidelity. In […]

Despite the Mortgage Crisis, Hedge Funders Are Still Raking It in

Despite the Mortgage Crisis, Hedge Funders Are Still Raking It in. By Sarah Anderson, AlterNet. Posted August 29, 2007. The little guys may be hurting, but fear not for the titans of capital. You’ve probably been staying up nights worrying about how hedge fund managers are going to weather the credit crunch stemming from the […]

What’s Missing on Your FDA Drug Warning Label: Corporate Influence over the Safety Process

By Martha Rosenberg, AlterNet. Posted August 28, 2007.Ninety-two percent of FDA advisory meetings in the last decade included a member with financial ties to drug companies. A look at how that affects the drugs that are allowed on the market — even after they’re shown to be deadly. Tools They’re just dropping like Chinese imports […]

Bush threatens to militarily “confront” Iran

by Bill Van Auken In his second foreign policy speech in less than a week, President Bush Tuesday portrayed the ongoing US military occupation in Iraq as part of a broader regional struggle to defend vital US interests against “radicals and extremists.” Contained in this speech was the explicit threat of widening the US war […]

On Capitalism, Europe, and the World Bank

Noam Chomsky interviewed by Dennis Ott April 02, 2007 Dennis Ott: In a recent interview you quoted Thorstein Veblen, who contrasted “substantial people” and “underlying population.”[1] At a shareholder’s meeting of Allianz AG, major shareholder Hans-Martin Buhlmannn expressed the view that there is only one limit to the increase of the dividend: “The inferiors must […]