Report: Bonuses paid for dropping sick patients

John Key stated that if elected National would promote privatised care for the elderly.(Travellerev)  A health insurance company serving customers in a half-dozen states set out to drop hundreds of customers and paid lucrative bonuses to an executive in charge of eliminating coverage. One customer is suing the company, Health Net Inc., after a company salesman […]

Police “Terror” Boss Has History Of Activist Harassment – Nicky Hager

By Joseph BarrattThe anti-terrorism unit commanded by Assistant Police Commissioner Jon White which led last week’s so-called “terror raids” around the country – arresting 17 political activists – has a history of harassing and imprisoning protestors engaged in legitimate political protest, according to noted author and investigator Nicky Hager. Hager is author of the acclaimed […]

US imposes sanctions on Iran

Are these to curtail Nuclear activity of to punish Iran for dumping the dollar? The Bush administration is imposing sweeping new sanctions against Iran’s defense ministry, its Revolutionary Guard Corps and a number of banks to punish them for purported support for terrorist organizations in Iraq and the Middle East, missile sales and nuclear activities, […]

Millions of Americans in Economic Battle to Make Ends Meet

The Bush recovery has been good for Wall Street, but not Main Street. The economic recovery that began in 2001 has brought slow job growth, limited wage gains, and continued rising inequality. While families at the top of the income ladder have seen their incomes rise faster than inflation, those in the middle and bottom […]

Without Cheap Credit, Consumer Economy Will Disappear by 2020

Our old pen-pal Jack Lessinger has a new book out: CHANGE Jack is a rare economist. He studies social trends and connects them to economic trends…and, finally, figures out how they affect the property market. His book outlines the development of the US property market over the past two centuries in terms of what he […]

China to Dump US Dollar as Confidence in Local Market Grows

“To the average American, nothing much has changed in the financial world… “According to ‘Business News’ on PBS, everything is actually OK – there is nothing to worry about. In fact, during the middle of 2008, all problems will be solved. But when will the Chinese ever dump their US treasury debts?” A good question: […]

Loaded Language and Loaded Guns

The Meaning of OppositesBy Charles Sullivan 10/03/07 “ICH” — – -One can no longer understand US governmental policy on the basis of conventional language or traditional wisdom. Language itself and its long-established meanings were long ago twisted and distorted in order to deceive the people. Now war is peace and terror and occupation is liberation. […]

Corporate plan for classrooms

A multinational company specialising in public-private partnerships (PPPs) could become a school landlord under National’s education plans. Yesterday, National unveiled more detail on its education policy after The Weekend Press revealed the party was planning to pump more money into private schools and allow the private sector to build and own state schools. The story […]

Nats may let landlords own state schools

National Party leader John Key is considering using private developers to build and own new state schools. He said such private sector involvement was seriously under consideration for the party’s education policy. “I think it’s entirely possible the private sector could build, own and maintain a property which is operated by the public sector,” he […]

Update: National accused of running secret health agenda

12:12PM Thursday September 27, 2007 Tony Ryall The National Party is being accused of running a secret agenda after confirming it will scrap controls on doctors’ fees. Health spokesman Tony Ryall and Party leader John Key launched a discussion document, which made no mention of doctor costs. Mr Ryall insisted he had previously announced that […]

$25bn welfare bill covered up – Nats

Uh, oh, the crime of the century: Compassion!!! The National party has caught Labour out; They could not say no to people in need and National makes it look like a crime because they did it in secret (even though they released the figures) Maybe they think it is a crime to care about people. But then; Tax payers money, John […]

As We Stand on the Brink of Catastrophe, Bio-Fuels are no Magic Bullet

By Debi Barker and Jerry Mander, AlterNet. Posted September 12, 2007.Having made ethanol into this magic elixir, politicians, financial investors, and the occasional environmental organization are masking the need for far deeper investigation and solutions. AdvertisementThe burgeoning reality of global climate change, rooted in a century of over-consumption of fossil fuels, is merging with another […]

Is Eating Local the Best Choice?

Those who say eating local is not always the best choice for the planet are forgetting one very important part of the equation: community. Some 30 years ago NASA came up with another BIG idea. Assemble vast solar electric arrays in space and beam the energy to earth. The environmental community did not dismiss NASA’s […]

American Economy: R.I.P.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions. A lifelong Republican.  By Paul Craig Roberts 09/10/07 “ICH’ — — The US economy continues its […]