Florida Just First to Face National Run on the Bank: Joe Mysak

Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) — Florida officials are going to meet today to talk about the crisis in the state’s Local Government Investment Pool. I don’t know what they are going to talk about, but I know what they had better decide. The State Board of Administration runs the pool, and its three trustees, Governor Charlie […]

Florida Schools Struggle to Pay Teachers Amid Freeze

By David Evans Nov. 30 (Bloomberg) — School districts, counties and cities across Florida sought to raise cash after being denied access to their deposits in a $14 billion state-run investment fund. The Jefferson County school district was forced to take out a short-term loan to cover payroll for the 220 teachers and other employees […]

Central Banks Erode World’s Work Ethic by Devaluing Money

What a relief. A day without a crisis. Everything seems to be “in crisis”. You’ve got a credit crisis, a housing crisis, a water crisis, a climate crisis, a dollar crisis, and somewhere, a 42-year old insurance salesman with a sense that something is missing in his life out buying a Porsche or having an […]

Billions for the Bankers

Billions for the Bankers – Debts for the People (An indictment of the Federal Reserve System) by Sheldon Emry Thanks for posting my father’s book on your page. It is posted on another page that states it was written in 1989. My dad, Pastor Sheldon Emry, died in 1985 and the book was written around […]

Real estate market ‘extremely quiet’

y Anne Gibson    A bank survey of residential real estate sector sentiment has presented a pessimistic picture, with many professionals saying the market has turned down fast. BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander released the monthly confidence survey this week. The survey went to 11,500 people, who were asked how their sector was going and […]