On The AIG And Its Global Ambassador Or Why I Won’t Trust Anything Richie McCaw Says!

For most New Zealanders the AIG is a benign kind of Insurance company who is sponsoring the All Blacks and in exchange get their name on their shirts. In my article about how the AIG has entered NZ politics  I point out that this global company is far from benign, has had to be rescued with huge bail outs in the crisis of 2008 and is lobbying for the TPPA and the TTIP which would see a huge deregulation for finance companies and allow them to run rough shot over entire economies including ours.

This is a video made in 2012. It is a powerful piece of research from James Corbett into the AIG and it’s many shady connections and well worth watching if you are interested in what kind of a group is meddling in NZ politics (And other countries) and hence our lives.

AIG which stands for American International Group is an interesting group with a colourful past and present. It has been connected to the Medellin Cartel, the OSS (From which the CIA grew) and 9/11 insider trading to name a few of the more “colourful” scandals and crimes the company is linked with.

It is with this group that Richie McCaw has signed a contract for three years beginning in November 2015 until November 2018. He will act as a Global Ambassador for AIG. According to the article they wanted Richie to be their ambassador because he has integrity and he has the kind of image AIG loves to be associated with (Even if they are involved in some of the filthiest businesses).

This connects one of our top sport idols with an international corporate powerhouse and while he no longer wears his AIG logo on his clothes this makes Richie McCaw a very powerful tool in the AIG arsenal of PR management toolbox and it is probably safe to say that Richie will say to the NZ public what AIG wants him to say. His support for the new flag, his mateyness with John Key are clear signs that AIG is promoting both and that Richie is playing a role as a PR prop for AIG (A big finance company after all) and their bankster buddy Prime Minister! It means that whatever Richie says publicly must be measured against the contract he and AIG signed and the fact that he will not go against the group which has been and will be financing for the next three years a very pleasant lifestyle!

One thought on “On The AIG And Its Global Ambassador Or Why I Won’t Trust Anything Richie McCaw Says!

  1. Sadly I can understand why there’s no comments on the shocking but knowing reality of this for us all on your post. Even I feel a sense of fear and shocked realisation of the future this will bring.

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