Who Is The King Or Why (K)Hillary Will Never Be Indicted!

In an article published on Of two minds blog Charles Hugh Smith argues that if Hillary Clinton is not indicted for knowingly violating statutes regarding State Department security the republic, democracy and justice are dead.

I put it to you that the republic died when the DOJ and Goldman Sachs colluded to make the banksters running Goldman Sachs immune for any meaningful prosecution for the massive fraud they perpetrated when betting against their own clients after selling them fraudulent financial products. What that means is that Hillary Clinton who is after all Goldman Sachs’s girl will never been indicted. It is not so much that this will be the moment the republic and democracy dies but that it will become clear to everybody that once you belong to the oligarch class you are above the law.

What will happen next is anybodies guess but I reckon Trump will get closer to the presidency at least for a while until the “King decides what should happen to him.

“Who is the king? Here is a video that everybody should watch. Not just Americans but here in New Zealand were we voted our own bankster economic hitman in around the time his colleagues were ripping of the global population and taking over the US government. Watch it and find out who effectively rules America and by extension us!

8 thoughts on “Who Is The King Or Why (K)Hillary Will Never Be Indicted!

  1. This is the complexity of the law in any western country when it comes to wrongdoing by the powerful
    All these corporations buy their way thru the system covering their tracks as they go and when they slip up and are found culpable they bribe the law or or play for time to get the result they want look at the tobacco companies mass murders but there’s no Nuremberg Trial for them
    At least in the states as corrupt as it is people do know what is going on but now the game has become so corrupt that I fear short of another revolution in the states they will be the makers of their own destruction and with this extending to other countries controlled by US foreign policy ie NZ we will be ending up the same nothin short of a revolution to get rid of the corruption of the regime that’s become so powerful all based on protectionist legal changes which are undemocratic and criminal

    • Yeah, na they want a violent revolution, ignorantly done .
      Thinking the “King” (bankster policy) is from the corporation of the usa.

  2. The Crown’s NZ govt is illegitimate .
    The settlers did not construct a constitution.

    The “Maori partnership with the Queen of England” is a whole subject on its own.
    This expired contract between the Queen and a few chiefs did not and does not grant the Crown( Bank of England’s entity not the Queen )the right to govern NZ.

    There is no proof of the Crown NZ govt’s legitimacy.

    • You guys actually read my stuff right? This article is about a banking coup that took place in the US and why Hillary as a result of that will never have to fear an indictment. The king is a loosely used term here for the oligarchic rule the US is currently under!

  3. “Who is the king?”

    The king is the sovereign. When the founding fathers wrote their Constitution they disconnected themselves from the sovereign and in its stead instituted the Roman model of citizenship. In the same way, when the Crown instituted civil government in NZ it disconnected the state from sovereignty and replaced it with the Roman model of democracy, a secular system incompatible with the unwritten constitution that New Zealand settlers had inherited from England.


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