Number 15 In The Blogosphere!

Thanks to my readers and the people who have taken to commenting here I have reached the dizzying heights of the 15th most read blog in New Zealand as counted on the Open Parachute blog. In a field of 300 blogs that is not bad going especially since my personal life has taken over somewhat and I don’t write as much and link as much as I used too.

It seems that especially reposts of John Key’s activities have been very popular over the last two months in an ever widening circle of readers all over New Zealand. It seems that I will be hitting the 140.000 individual readers in New Zealand alone and it gives me hope that more and more Kiwi’s actually seem to realize that John Key and his National party are up to no good and have brought this country on the brink of collapse with an eye watering debt of $ 118 billion and counting in only 8 years in government and that the TPPA is a real danger to our sovereignty and I am grateful in the knowledge that my blog has helped in brining this knowledge to New Zealanders who are sick of the MS Presstitutes and their claptrap faux news.

So with gratitude I remain


5 thoughts on “Number 15 In The Blogosphere!

  1. Truth seeking is more popular.

    Lucky for us the NZ Crown govt’s odious debt ($118 b = just an electronic number) is meaningless . There is no scarcity of money as it is created from nothing by private banksters. Our job is to withdraw consent to the NZ Crown govt( no matter what color/ party they put in the helm).
    We are not a sovereign nation when we borrow money with interest from foreign private banksters. And we are clearly not sovereign nation when the bankster’s illegitimate Crown NZ govt imposes, against the people, transfers of public owned assets, privatization, sets up TPPA ( a secret trust) and imposes austerity polices.

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