Rick Mayall’s Last Film Role: 1BY 1

Not many people know that Rick Mayall’s last major film role was in a low budget Indy film called 1 BY 1. The film is about a young waitress who, shaken by a traumatic event, and with information from her friends slowly wakes up to what is really going on in the world.

Rick Mayall plays the role of genius Ernest instrumental in her growing awareness. Written and directed by a talented young American woman, Diane Jessie Miller, who studied at the New York Film School. She approached Rick Mayall without serious hope of him accepting the role but he did and as a result we are left with a powerful film with a serious call to attention and an invitation to start educating yourself about some of the crucial events that are taking place around the world and have been quite some time.

The film at least for the time being available for free online is well worth watching and if you have friends who need a little nudge in the right direction this would be one to show them. I own no rights to this film. I don;t earn money with this blog other than with the odd badge I make and make no money of linking to it. My motivation is that this video should be watched by everyone and followed up by some films such as loose change and 9/11 mysteries.

9/11 was a ruse, a scripted inside job to instil fear around the globe and to scam us into accepting global governance by the banking elite. Please share this link and give it to your friends and family.

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