One degree of separation or how small the bankster world really is

(Update, the next couple of weeks never happened and I did not write nearly as much about this as I intended but I thought it would be good to repost this post originally written and posted in November 2009)


It's a little old world

In the next couple of weeks  with the help of this map I will uncover more in depth how all these men relate to each other but right from the start you can see that John Key has  some pretty close connections to the bankers who are ruling the US with Obama as their sock puppet. More so than anyone in New Zealand other than perhaps Don Brash.

For starters two names jump out; one is Stephen Belotti, the man who was John Key’s boss from 1996 when John Key started at Merrill Lynch and Robert Rubin who was a high flyer at AIG and at the same time was a member of the foreign exchange committee and “advisory” committee to the Federal Reserve of New York. He was a member of this committee at the same time Stephen Belotti was a member. This is the same committee that selected John Key to become a member in 1999. The only year mentioned on the list is the year of selection but generally members serve three years which would place both of them as leaving the committee at the same time John Key was selected to serve. John Key left the committee in May 2001 when he returned to New Zealand to take up politics.

Robert Rubin was named as on of the 10 most unethical business people in January 2009 by Market watch and is widely recognised as one of Timothy Geithners two mentors. The other is an equally disreputable character, Larry Summers who currently serves as one of Obama’s advisors

Banker meets banker to discuss trade?

Robert Rubin was also involved in an attempt to stop the Enron Bonds from being down graded. Oh oops, Merrill Lynch was involved in an attempt to help Enron to cover up and lie about the state of their company.

Any way back to Timothy Geithner. That would be the same Timothy Geithner John Key met with last week discussing a free trade deal. The same Timothy Geithner who was the Federal Reserve of New York director when the bubbles started to burst.

The same Timothy Geithner who evaded paying tax and the same Timothy Geithner who as the secretary of treasurygives the biggest banker crooks most access to himself and Obama.

And while we’re at it why did the John Key and Timothy Geithner discuss free trade should that not have been with Hillary Clinton who after all is the secretary of foreign affairs?

And doesn’t make you feel somewhat nervous to see our Prime Minister so close to what are arguably the biggest Ponzi schemers and crooks of our time?




One thought on “One degree of separation or how small the bankster world really is

  1. Gangster + Bankster = Bangster Already we are starting to see DonKey’s world of politics starting to crumble keep up the good work and more people will wake up and he will be gone then we can start repairing the damage the clown has done.

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