Money As Debt I And II

I seem to have gained quite a few new readers since the last elections. For this I am very grateful!I thought I would celebrate this with a repost of two animation videos which taught me a great deal about our money system.

Max Keiser, the other day, stated: We don’t live in a Capitalist system which is based on savings and investing those savings in wealth producing enterprises (his version of Capitalism).  We live in a Debtism system, a system based on fiat money creation leveraged and re-hypothicated time time and again and used to buy up real world wealth transferring that wealth from the 99% to the 1%.

You might think that this is just some far fetched conspiracy theory but here is what the bank of England has to say about it’s money creation process:

Whenever a bank makes a loan, it simultaneously creates a matching deposit in the borrower’s bank account, thereby creating new money.

What this means is that if you borrow money to buy say a house you don’t borrow money earned by other people put in the bank to earn some interest with. You borrow money created out of thin air and you are expected to pay interest on that money created out of thin air!

I urge you to watch these two video’s, They are  simple easy to understand videos explaining how money is created and how it is used by the bankers to rob us blind.

Money as debt I

Money as debt II

6 thoughts on “Money As Debt I And II

  1. If you go back in history and follow the Medici family and all its links to now you will find the answer in layman’s terms to why this system is corrupt and failing and in modern times the doing away with Gold standard is the root cause of all the scamming funny money fraud and lack of real value in what we work for
    Money lenders in the Temple and all that goes with it, Christ is testing us

  2. “here is what the bank of England has to say about it’s money creation process:”
    It’s not the Bank of England’s money creation process! Rather, the Bank of England is describing the way that private commercial banks create, ex nihilo as interest-bearing debt, 98% of the money supply that “we the people” use in our everyday commerce.
    It beggars belief that “we the people” would elect to continue to put up with such a stupid monetary and banking system if a majority of us ever knew exactly how it works to the advantage of the 1% and the disadvantage of we the 99%! People may learn more at and and

  3. What’s the difference between usury and interest? Nothing, except that one is forbidden in Judaism and Islam and the other is standard financial practice.

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