Open Letter From New Zealand To The People Of The Countries Signing On To The TPPA Today!

Dear Citizens of Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam, today New Zealand is hosting the signing of the TPPA. As an inhabitant of this country, I am gutted that our Prime Minister invited the representatives of your countries to come over here to sign the treaty.

And I want to apologise for the fact that we were not able to prevent the signing from happening.

I also want you to know that most people in New Zealand don’t want this treaty but that, just like in your countries, “our” government has chosen not to inform us or listen to us.

We know that it will take at least two years for the treaty to be called in effect and that much more work must still be done before the criminals (and that includes our Wall street bankster Prime Minister John Key) can have their evil way with our countries. And I know we must fight them every step of the way!

I hope that like us over here in New Zealand you will continue to fight against this corporate takeover and I promise that I will continue to educate, inform and awake as many people as I can via this blog about the TPPA, the international financial terrorists trying to run this world and their illegal wars of aggression I hope you will share this information around and I say let’s get on with the job!

Love and Peace


5 thoughts on “Open Letter From New Zealand To The People Of The Countries Signing On To The TPPA Today!

  1. NZ is the administrator of the TPPA.

    US Congressmen are bought paid for by the corporations that drafted and passed the TPPA. They will ratify it.
    At the end of the day the TPPA is illegal and unlawful .
    The NZ Crown govt has no proof of right to govern.

    You still pay your taxes, use a legal name and vote -I hope people don’t try to wait two years to work out the corporate debt slave model.
    What people are afraid of( a global bankster dictatorship) has happened but boiled frogs just bubble away worrying about some lack of choice/no democracy in the future.

  2. John Key knows as well as anyone else that this agreement will never come into effect. What he can,and will do, however, is to pass regressive and reoressive legislation in parliament to “harmonise” with a TPPA that will never be ratified in US Congress and elsewhere.

    A perfect Trojan horse!

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