19 thoughts on “Read This And Stay Safe!

  1. The opposition is grown as needed and controlled, for the Empire to retain control you need both polarities controlled.


    The govt never inform or empower society. The govt never give the people the facts of their inherent rights that as human beings they were born with.

    Who finds it ironic that the current meme is if you want to be rich like Key debt slaves should ” work hard” (16hrs a day like his mother ?!).

    • Humanity and society have different origins and correspondingly different rights and responsibilities, i.e. the natural rights of society are not the same as the human rights of humanity. This is because the origin of humans was a result of a classification made by the Roman statesman Cicero, a classification which was based on the role of the state as protector, and so all human rights are contingent upon the state for enforcement.

      Hard work only makes you a wage slave, to road to riches is found by actualizing your inspiration.

      • The origin of humans was not a result of classification by a Roman politician.
        What you are saying is the Empire’s indoctrination,as the state tells you its role as protector(nanny /big brother) but does not protect.

        I agree with you that “real choice” was a controlled opposition movement and served no purpose other than to manage and control the opposition .
        What will be interesting is when Maori figure out that the TPPA ends the partnership they had with the illegitimate Crown govt of NZ.


          • State/religious dogmas.These are just more conceptualized dogmas.
            There is no difference between the being of the same man/woman
            be it on his/her own (” natural) or ‘social” its the same man/woman.

            Look into a small child’s eyes and you will see/feel what constitutes our “humanity”.
            What constitutes it? Maybe it is so simple that we can use the pointer/word “Goodness”. When you no longer see the other as other, feeling the connected-ness of all human beings.

            We are all born human beings.Many forget our humanity, get caught up in our consuming concern for our little ‘self’ and yet the SELF is always there.
            The State and its culture( belief) based ” society” to which we are a part of then indoctrinates us, starts to condition children to be “sub human” or in a sleep state, driven by the ego, ruled by fear and desire .
            Desire and fear are the primary tool of Crown’s NZ govt mind control program. If you wake up to your humanity no longer are you ruled but you have inner SELF sovereignty.

          • “Look into a small child’s eyes and you will see/feel what constitutes our “humanity”.”

            Wrong. the natural state of a child does not encompass the dependence upon the Roman state that is implied by Cicero’s humanism.

            “It is in precisely these terms that humanitas is first defined and pursued. Homo humanus positions himself in opposition to homo barbarus. And homo humanus means in this instance the Roman, he who embodies Roman virtus and improves himself by ‘colonising’ what the Greeks called paideiaPaideia in this sense is carried over into humanitas … It is in Rome that we encounter the first humanism. (Heidegger 1976: 320)”

            Humanism, Tony Davies

          • I do not worship the Empire’s spokesman Cicero as you appear to. Its hearsay (and I believe lies from Cicero ) that humanism was first found in Rome.
            Human beings were not coined in Rome.
            Being human requires no dependence on the Roman state/Empire.
            As we can see from the Crown colonizing NZ (though it created the illusion of co-dependency through its claim of ownership of resources ), this greed did not tend to propagate virtue.
            Lucky for us being truly human does not depend on whether or not one has the State indoctrinated beliefs.
            I would not suggest anyone should look to “dependence on the State” for granting them “virtue” or “humanism”. Nor should one look to the act of opposing others to provide them with virtue.
            I am not a fan of this storm trooper Cicero.
            Dependence on the State does not create humanism.

          • “I do not worship the Empire’s spokesman Cicero as you appear to.”

            You are delusional. Writing about what someone said and worshipping them are completely different things.

            “Its hearsay (and I believe lies from Cicero ) that humanism was first found in Rome.”

            It’s not hearsay, humanist language is found written in Rhetorica ad Herennium, which puts it firmly in a Roman context.

          • Really!?
            I politely disagree that not believing the State propaganda is “delusional”.

            Being truly human has nothing to do with the Empire or a “dependence on the State”.
            Being human did not begin in Rome.
            And it IS hearsay you were not in ancient Rome and there were many civilizations before the Roman Empire.
            Hersey= You were not in the Ancient Roman empire, you just read a old book, interpret it and believe it .
            John Key is going to write a book and people will read it and believe it too.
            You believe and quote the words and lies of a Roman Statesman mouthpiece.
            Here is another empire spokesman for you to believe and depend on to protect your interests.Make you human by state dependence.

  2. When I informed my 15 year old son of his rights when it came to the police, as he and a friend were harassed by an over zelous officer. When he encountered more of the same he asked if he told them he didnt have to give it to them unless he was under arrest, to which the officer replied who told you this. He was detained inder some BS cyfs act and when brought home the officer then proceeded to lie to me about why he was detained. When asked for my name and DoB I told him that he was not invited onto the property and unless I was under arrest could he please leave. If my son had not been recording on his phone I swear he would have decked me such was the anger in his face!

    • Well done your son for recording this on his phone. I didn’t realize you didn’t have to give your name and date of Birth unless you were detained here in NZ. IN Holland (at least until I left 10 years ago you never had to give your name or date of birth. So I learned something too!

  3. Big market in setting people up to be arrested at ” non violent” protests. Yet the actions of the protesters are not really non violent, the one organized by the same group in wellington said it was non violent BUT had protesters physically pushing into police officers and trying to push past police officers to break into the MFAT building. Obstructing and endangering others safety is not non violent.
    Totally pointless protests too, a)trying to steal/ take the TPPA from MFAT and b)obstructing diplomats at the skycity tower.

    • Its not going to be a “Real choice” to be arrested for obstruction.
      The spread of this type of astro turf organisation( right wing pretending to be left wing) is getting prolific as the opposition grows to epic proportions, for how much do they need to control the majority that is in opposition.

  4. “Know your rights”

    You have the right to remain silent. Giving someone a “full name” implies that that you are a person, and persons have no natural rights. People have the natural rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but persons do not.

    By forming a blockade you are injuring the right of liberty of other people and your arrest may be justified.

    A collective strategy of identifying as a man or woman rather than a person and then exercising your right to remain silent makes prosecution of offences more difficult for the Crown. Since District Courts only have jurisdiction over persons any prosecution should be taken to the High Court, which has common law jurisdiction. A High Court jury also has the ability to hear the matter without prejudice, since police and judges both have allegiance to the state.

    • I mostly agree Ugly truth on silence. But not to provide your identity as a man/woman “every person” john/jane doe. You can politely ask them if you are under arrest and if so who was harmed and what law requires you to give them the information they are requesting.
      It is the legal name( fiction) that causes the problem .These police are just ignorant and obedient to the Crown, most of them have no idea they are system slaves.

      “Real choice ” Sounds like they organize protest botch ups and set people up to be arrested.
      Something similar to what happened at TPPA protests in WGTN, under bad advise that caused many of the to them arrested and charged for their actions.

      • The police may be ignorant about the difference in legal status between men/women and persons, but in my experience the Crown’s judges are not. Legal persons (eg the strawman JOHN DOE) are creations of the state, but at common law men and women have a different creator.

        I agree that Real Choice doesn’t have a workable strategy, since they’re acting as citizens. Citizens have an obligation to the state and so they are limited to relatively ineffective acts like protest and petition. The real choice is in recognizing your creator and the related rights and responsibilities. Citizens may have religious beliefs but their rights and responsibilities are defined by the state.

  5. If asked for your DoB you reply with.. “Are you asking for third-party hearsay evidence”?

    No-one can possibly know their DoB.

    Third-party hearsay evidence is inadmissible as fact in a court of law.

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