No 24 on the Open Parachute Sitemeter Rating Page!

I am currently basking in the knowledge that my blog, even though my real world life took over big time last year from my blogging, has reached the dizzying height of number 24 (Dated 16th January 2016) of New Zealand blogs (out of 300 or so) on the Open Parachute sitemeter page.

Not bad for a New Zealand  blog that deals with deep politics, false flags, 9/11, illegal wars of aggression and other information people generally really don’t like to be confronted with. So thank you my dear readers and commentators (Invite other friends to enliven the debate) and let’s bring more information to more people while our criminal usurper Prime Minister is trying to do his bankster mates bidding in trying to convince us that the TPPA is a legal and binding document in which we give our sovereignty away to big corporations!

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