We Are Not Responsible For The Debts Incurred By This Westminster Entity

I have written about onerous debt, the reserve bank system and the collusion between the “Government” and the privately owned banking cartel to create money out of thin air to keep us enslaved while they extract wealth from our hard labour through interest and the many other devious ways they have developed over the centuries.

But never have I been able to put it as eloquently as Kahi Harawira. I am not Maori, in fact I am not even Pakeha. I am a tauiwi whose Whakapapa leads back to Southern France and Germany via the Netherlands where I was born but his words ring true and it is a powerful message on how to approach the coming time while the “Government” will do its damnest to colonise this country and all of its people, including Pakeha, once more with the TPPA. Reprinted with Permission.


The New Zealand Parliament of London misled you to believe that it was “your” government and the one which you should trust in. It was never your government. It has always been an abusive and criminally mismanaged Westminster legislative body perched on our shores, here under contract, to provide “essential governmental services” in accordance with the Treaty of Waitangi.

We are not responsible for the debts incurred by this Westminster entity and we have renounced any connection with them. All we ever owed Westminster was reasonable fees for services, most of which we never received. Now this service agency as advanced the idea, capitalizing on the illusion that they are the government, to now proclaim that our entire country was their own private property.

As indigenous people, we have lived for a long time under the domination of these colonial criminals as have many others around the planet, and we are all victims of this same fraud and criminality, by dishonest politicians, corrupt judges and banks, all which have colluded to function as a “perfected” crime syndicate.

We all have to do our part to restore the peace, prosperity, and health of New Zealand and the people here. We are not a corporation and together, we are the true sovereign, born to learn who we are, born to learn how to rule ourselves, born to be the caretakers of each other and our beloved country.

There will be disruptions, confusion and misinformation spewed by the mainstream mass media about how beneficial the TPPA really is and how wonderful the way the system works to take your concerns into consideration. What they won’t tell you is that they are owned entirely by the international corporations that all benefit from this fraud. Take everything these corporate fools say with two grains of salt, use your own brain and common sense.

Trust in yourself, your abilities, your skills, your friends, your families, your communities, your most cherished ideals and your fondest hopes. You might feel a little panic, anger and confusion when you come to realize just how close NZ has come to the complete submerging of the entire country and its entire population, beneath a banker’s scheme, a complete disaster for the people, but not for the corporations involved.

The pressure is on, believe in the Spirit that shares its One Life with all of us and is the truly, One Divine. The Truth is on the way and what is False will firstly begin to fade and then, finally fall away. 1000 years of peace is the “promise” we all know about. They thought they could corporatize it, not happening.

Do nothing that might harm others. Keep our country together, stay together, you might get baited to initiate a violent response, don’t give them ANY opportunity. Peace to us all.

5 thoughts on “We Are Not Responsible For The Debts Incurred By This Westminster Entity

  1. Human beings are typically unaware of the nature of their condition: they are not representative of all of mankind because they came into existence as a class of people who where dependant upon the state for protection. Cicero’s distinction between humans and barbarians emphasized the role of the state as protector, thus Cicero’s humans were typically citizens of the Roman state and his “barbarians” where any people not under Roman rule.

    When Rome adopted Christianity as the state religion it also adopted the idea of the universal church and the distinction between humans and other people became politically incorrect. The “human race” then came to be used as a description for all of mankind, as if the state had always been the the only protector of the people.

    So the human condition is fundamentally one of ignorance reinforced by cultural tradition and religion, a condition by which the state consolidates and extend its assumption of power.

    • The name calling( labeling) of the enemy of the state as barbarian/terrorist/communist has always been part of its divide and conquer strategy to rule as Anabel said.

      If we look at history( not the state written history) the state has never been a protector of the people, it has always been in a war with the people .
      I agree that the state rules by its indoctrination process of the child /individual into the homogeneous state conditioned belief system. The state uses school, culture, media,prison,policies, science &/ religion.
      Culminating in the unquestioning obedient, voting, tax paying, debt slave.

  2. “It was never your government.”

    The rule of law embodies the principle that governments are subject to law like people are. A rule of law can describe a specific principle, like the principle of transience:

    Clausula que abrogationem excludit ab initio non valet. A clause [in a law] which precludes its abrogation is void from the beginning.

    Queen Victoria’s assertion of perpetual sovereignty via William Hobson is in conflict with this rule of law, and therefore is void from the beginning (void ab initio).


  3. I am a native, indigenous, natural , NZ born human being.
    I also believe we are all indigenous on this earth.

    I also believe claiming ownership of the land and the sea is the cry of the Bank of England’s entity the Crown.

    It cannot be understated the need of this peace, for humanity to bring on the “golden years” and not anymore time enslaved by beliefs and the banksters illegitimate govt.
    This peace can only be found by each of us within ourselves so trust your inner self and not your community that may well be confused by propaganda.

    If you trace back your Whakapapa to the beginning of time, at the very end you will find we have the same father and mother .
    Everyone on earth is indigenous .
    It is the very understanding of the innate connection to the land and nature that has been stolen.
    Even the labels Pakeha, French, German, Maori serve to separate, this is how and why we are taught to see the differences and not the similarities .

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