Lori Wallach And Dr Jane Kelsey On The TPPA

For those of you who haven’t heard the Presentations of Lori Wallach. Lawyer and long term outspoken critic of the TPPA here are they. Also if you are only just waking up to the horror of what is the TPPA you might want to visit the It’s our future website for more information and resources.

Here is the Facebook link to Lori Wallach’s presentation and here to Dr Jane Kelsey’s presentation.

I will keep an eye out for the Lori Wallach Youtube version because I realize not everybody has a Facebook page but I’m trying to get this out there as fast as possible!



2 thoughts on “Lori Wallach And Dr Jane Kelsey On The TPPA

  1. The controlled opposition (Fabian society’s Jane Kelsey) is deliberately using the word ‘secrecy’ in place of “non disclosure” the correct legal term.Legally “Non disclosure” invalidates agreements .
    In this well funded psy- op they are also telling people that its too late.”Its your future” .

    They use words to obfuscate the truth.

    *It is also of interest that NZ is said to be the TPPA trust “administrator”.

    • Lawyer Jane Kelsey is now briefing the govts labour party MP’s on TPPA PR . Coaching MP’s on how not to talk about NZ being the administrator of the TPPA, the costs, what that it means to be in a partnership with the banksters mega corporations that drafted it or the TPPA being a agreement/secret trust .

      The TPPA is not a free trade agreement.

      The people of NZ legally are “the effected party” in the TPPA.
      The people of NZ were completely conned by Kelsey ( the 5 yr delay in the appeal, not naming the people of NZ as the effected party in the case etc ) if not for having the wool pulled over their eyes more people would see the TPPA as the illegal and unlawful takeover it is.
      With two lawyers Kelsey & Wallach on this controlled opposition TPPA campaign no one is mentioning the TPPA is not legal or lawful.

      In contract law its called “non disclosure” not “secrecy”.

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