John Key Wants War Between Maori And Pakeha. Are You Going To Let Him?

On the 4th of February 2016 two days before Waitangi day. John Key intends to sign the TPPA. The treaty will allow international corporations to usurp most of New Zealand’s sovereignty. It will deregulate the financial industry, allow corporations to sue our government for loss of profit if we don’t let them run rough shod over what is left of our fragile ecological systems and destroy what is left of our social support systems.

It will also destroy one of the most important social documents and contracts of this country: the Treaty of Waitangi.

And John Key knows this. The ruling elite knows this and they like the idea! What is more, most Pakeha who identify with the ruling elite rather than face reality and realise they are part of the 99%, like that idea too!

And it’s an easy fault line for the 1% to aggravate the 99% into an all out civil war between Maori and Pakeha and here is what is being done to make sure they get what they want.

  • The signing of the TPPA in Auckland two days before Waitangi day guaranteed to incite a heated emotional response.
  • John Key intending to attend the Commemorations at Waitangi Marae which is the mother of all shit stirring exercises.
  • Opinion Pieces in major news papers inciting racial division and Mike Hosking pandering to the basest of prejudices as ususal!
  • Releasing information about riot police being trained to deal with political unrest to inflame emotions.
  • People inciting violence in comments on political blogs to make sure the people who own those blogs can be arrested or made redundant as part of the aggressive political fringe loonies when they try to inform people.
  • Putting up the rag touted as the new flag to inflame emotions.

And here is what is traditionally done to make sure unrest will arise even if the people keep their cool:

So what can you do to help the people in Waitangi to speak truth to power and make sure this can not be pinned on Maori being obstinate?

  • For starters if you are Pakeha, Chinese, Indian, European, Muslim ,Christian, in short not Maori and against the TPPA, you can go to Waitangi in support of the refusal of The Waitangi Marae Kaumatua to receive government officials in protest of the signing. Show them you won’t be played against each other and that New Zealanders of any creed and background are against the corporate take over of New Zealand!
  • Do so in peace and respect for the treaty and the people there.
  • Maori or otherwise: prevent anybody from becoming violent or aggressive and keep it dignified and silent and allow the sheer number of people to speak rather than individual voices. Even if they sign the TPPA they have to implement it and that will only happen if we let them.
  • Take mirrors and let the trained government thugs have a goo long look at themselves! It works in Ukraine! We need the people authorised by the banker usurper John Key to commit violence, to realise that they are also part of  the 99% being sucked dry by the banksters!

And remember all of us living on these Islands: This is our home! We can make it heaven or hell. The international banksters are hell-bent on making it hell. Let’s not give it to them! Let’s commit to make peace and abundance for all!

32 thoughts on “John Key Wants War Between Maori And Pakeha. Are You Going To Let Him?

  1. It is a real shame John Key was invited to speak at Waitangi, and that the ‘leaders’ took his word(the word of a known liar) on the TPPA.
    That says it all, they are planning a continued ‘partnership’ with certain well positioned people for the benefit of the few.

    Crazy weird behavior for as many say the Crown breached the treaty etc so why would you meet /contract with them? To me its sounds like a planned and organised protest. As though the TPPA is just about Hobson’s void agreement and Maori. They played the race card and now people are distracted from the illegal and unlawful TPPA .

  2. some good points, the Key point is the initial intent of the Treaty was to protect all citizens both Tangata Whenua and settlers. the problem we have now is the same successive GOVERNMENTS have changed the rules to negate the treaty and particularly historically subdue Maori. We the Whenua will gain nothing and stand to lose much again.

    • The intention of the treaty was to govern not to protect.
      The Crown does not protect it ‘governs'(aka Governor Hobson).
      When you make a free person a “citizen” they become “subjects” subject to the Crown’s legal system. “British subjects”.

  3. When we talk Iwi, Pakeha, Asian, Indian, Muslim we have already created devision.. We are brothers and sisters.. We will all suffer the same defeat at the hands of the explotive if we dont unite.. They choose to divide over our physical and intellectual differences.. What we all should do is focus on controlling the product of our labour thus providing denial of exploitation by the the so called ‘leaders’ of modern capitalist slave owners..

  4. This is not about’s about all peoples who are NewZealanders. People commenting here need to realise that being drawn into this debate is what Key wants. Remember people we are one under the Treaty. Lets move as one.

    • The TPPA does not do away with The Treaty thats what Keys wants you to believe. It takes the power away from the people and the Government.

      Have you noticed that The UK is not a part of the TPPA hmm interesting and Canada is not signing it till they have heard what their people want and rightly so.

      Once again John Keys is feathering his own nest this government will be open to being sued and guess who will be on the other side getting a peice of the pie?

      What happens when this government is sued internationally for millions and cannot pay its fines? NZ already is in huge debt. How will NZ pay its fines? Guess how? this country will be invaded by a foreign country for its resources, land, mines, oil e.t.c. the lot, and the people will have be slave labourers to pay this governments fines.

      All because of John Key and the TPPA. I say we stage a coup we get him out of government and then unsign the TPPA, on the grounds that the signing of the TPPA was not a decision the People of NZ made. No referendum was made on this issue. It should be easy to do and if the Government has to pay any bills make John Key responsible to pay the fines with his own money lol. See how he likes it!

      • Legal action is being taken against the government at the Waitangi Tribunal, in fact 2,000 pages against them, by legal experts based on the fact that TPPA is against the Treaty; the wording is waffly and leaves avenues for corporate legal reps to disregard the rights of protection under the Treaty for all NZers.

        No they would indeed invade and use MaClay’s signature against us on the grounds NZ voted Nats in.

        The UK has it’s own similar corporate rights agreement called TTIP.

        Spot on with the rest of your comments.

      • Country has already been invaded by foreign investors.

        The debt is odious and it is the Crown’s debt not the people’s .

        Don’t let the different colors of the political parties fool you they are all the Crown’s corporate employees.Fact.

        Big shame that people still think the Crown’s legal system was designed for anything but dividing and ruling the people .

        Ask the govt what authority it has to govern without a constitution .
        All signatories on the Hobson treaty are dead .
        @ Ferne :Corporations( such as the Crown corporation) cannot lawfully sign contracts as they have no mind or ability to reason, they are just legal fictions.
        What rights should a legal fiction have? Should they be above the rights of REAL live people.
        One should seek Law not the British crown’s legal system which has no legal standing in NZ.

        The good thing here is that as” the people of NZ are the effected party in the TPPA ” and the TPPA signed by the corporation ( Key) against the will of the people who are without full disclosure is not legal or lawful.

    • I dont hate pakeha and never will they are people just like me and they deserve respect just like me. I woould never take up arms in my own country against my family my friends and my neighbour. No matter what Keys did!

  5. Keys is a globalist puppet. Too stupid to realise that his creed and corrupt insider trading would lead him down the path of enslavement to his elite masters. He is a Rothschild agent serving their interested. He does not answer to the new zealand people.

    • @wearerevo It does not matter. Walking away in silence (and not attending the ritual celebration of the loss of self sovereignty and self governance at Waitangi ) is the most effective act against this unlawful crime.

      No PM of the Crown’s corporation in the history of NZ served any but the Crown. It use to be cloak and daggers( debt slavery) now people remember they have done it time and again, over and over and are openly corrupt and plundering.The growing awareness has unclouded the fog in the minds of many.

  6. Shouldn’t everyone know that the ‘Waitangi treaty’ they celebrate (as a verification of Crown sovereignty, governance and land ownership)itself is unlawful just like the TPPA.

    The TPPA is not a lawful or valid contract, unfortunately the controlled opposition Jane Kelsey (lawyer w Fabian society) convinced the NZ population its legally valid and that Key can sign it.
    To not disclose invalidates contracts/agreements and not allow the people of NZ to negotiate when despite Kelseys legal spin BS the people of NZ are THE effected party !
    The whole thing is an unlawful treasonous sham and yet people believe it and so make it real. People should see it for what it is then there is no need to oppose (which paradoxically can strengthen movements).
    Like how most ignored the flag BS did not give it energy and they are still trying to get it going.

    I hope everyone walks off when Key arrives.

    • Yes that would be perfect, turning their backs on him and his F show and walking away in silence.

      • Viral, I can see it now.
        A chorus of “I walk away” by Crowded House playing in the background as the nation turns its back and walks away in silence on the Bankster .
        Showing the world.

    • You are right – resistance is assistance.
      We can use the analogy of an electrical circuit…
      When the circuit is open-circuited (circuit broken/incomplete), there is no current flow and hence no power within the system. However, once resistance is applied to the circuit (e.g a light bulb), the current will flow and power is created. The more resistance there is – the more power the circuit will generate, until it reaches it’s perspective short-circuit current carrying capacity.
      I could substantiate this observation from many different angles and in all aspects of life. If you want a deeply astounding presentation of this observation – visit the following link, it will cause you guys to see things in a different manner…

      I highly recommend taking notes while watching the videos, because the information is so extensive that it will be impossible to grasp as a whole, without taking notes.
      Also, watch all of the other videos on that channel. You will be glad you did.

      Ev, I highly recommend that you relate the concepts laid out in the presentations, to your native language. You will find connections you never realized existed. Any multi-lingual person has an instant advantage in relation to understanding the topics addressed in the link I gave.

      The information is NOT entertainment in any shape or form. It’s information I do not give out very often, but I feel you guys are worthy of it.

      • Resistance is assistance could also be called limited hangout. This is a condition of apparent opposition where the point of contention is a relatively minor one and more serious issues are implicitly condoned – for example complaining that a mobster doesn’t do enough to help worthy causes.

      • Are you a fifth columnist, setting out to make those who oppose the TPPA look like a bunch of wacko conspiracy theorists?

    • its not the treaty that is unlawful, it is the governments actions and reactions towards it that is unlawful. Walking away won’t solve anything but ignoring it might..but that is a big might. The Maori people have had enough.

      • The treaty is unlawful. No understanding or disclosure of what the Crowns language/legalese meant( important words were not defined) or what treaty meant to the Crown was ever made.
        No agreement was signed that would’ve given the Crown “ownership” of the land and the other claims the Crown says the treaty gave them .
        There was the fact of different meanings and different versions leading to not understanding the treaty (Maori vs the English language) .

        The TPPA is unlawful too, in contract law not providing disclosure before negotiation ends to an effected party makes a contract null & void.That is why their lawyer Kelsey was the controlled opposition leader, she never informed or acted on the behalf of all the people of NZ.

        • Sounds like your all ready sold on their idea child. I wish you all the luck. When shit hits the fan i be still living on my land. Where will you be renting oops living?

      • If you knew the Crown intention of the treaty ( and TPPA)was to govern you, while ignoring your right to SELF govern, to make you a ‘subject ‘ of the Crown,to enslave your soul, alienating you from your true essence of being -and you never agreed to it -if you had been tricked into believing something would it really be lawful?

        • The treaty is an illegal invalid document, it remains the Crown’s sole license to govern, believed to be valid by people of all races.
          There was a joint agreement between some Maori groups and the Crown to support the treaty (thus the big payoffs to certain groups and IWI’s ).
          The treaty also serves to hold grievance in place for those that believe they own the land and water and now the Crown owns it.
          The Crown has seeded racism, the current day persecution complex, a victim mentality and has made Maori believe their ancestors were violent cannibal thugs and not spiritual loving human beings.So the Crown changed and shaped the identity of Polynesian Maori culture. Sky Father and the Earth Mother have been forgotten with the inception of the Crown’s violent wife beating warrior archetype.

          Of course signing any agreement with the Empire is not good.

          • Thats like saying maori werent here before european. Crackup. Understand our partnership was with the Queen who at that time represented her father. Not the clowns that you are governed by. Hence the reason you cant remove the tangata whenua from their land. However you can pretend.

          • The Treaty is not illegal it is common law when one party understands they are signing an agreement for one thing even though the other party set out to deceive makes no difference.

            The Maori translation of the Treaty upholds.

            The Government is not The Crown, this government was set up by settlers who were supposed to only govern themselves not Maori or their resources.

            The Crown of England does not own any land in New Zealand and there is proof of that. Even though the Queen was given first preemptive right to purchase land, the crown of England does not own any land. What does that tell you?

            Since 1840 land sales have been illegal. The only other way out the people have is to unite with Maori and for the Government to give back control of the land to Maori and we work it together.

            At the end of the day Maori have been delivered many injustices and the government has not done NZers as a whole justice. This Government has to right the wrongs and injustices so that we can work and live together in peace.

            I do not blame ordinary kiwis neither am I predjudice they have been duped and lied to all these years just like Maori.

            And a National John Key lead government wont and isnt doing it!! John just wants to get richer and doesn’t care about the single mother raising a family, youth employment, low income earners e.t.c.

            This is why NZers are leaving our shores in ship loads! I might encourage mine to leave also.

          • Exactly my point it was not legal, the spirit and meaning of the treaty was not understood. This was due to failure to define meanings and the language barriers.

            The treaty was with the Crown ( Bank of England corporate entity)not the monarchy (Queen of England).

            I did not say that the Polynesian Maori did not arrive on the land before the Crown and others arrived.

            The Crown is using the TPPA (which is not a free trade agreement) to create a global govt a bankster corporate monopoly. The stirring up separatism and racism in humanity (divide and conquer) is also to distract from the current issues and matters.

  7. Rough shod as in a horse with protruding nails to prevent slippage is the correct saying and meaning, liable to do damage to whoever or whatever is in its way to protect the rider and horse
    TPPA the horse, Key and co the rider, the ground Democracy

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