RIP David Bowie.

I remember trying to find the Crazy Colours hair dye at 16.

Walked around with turquoise hair for years (I have to find that photo back) I remember trying green eye make up on my lips. I thought it looked awesome and went shopping only to find that the shop girl didn’t want to help me until their manager said that no matter how people looked they still were customers and deserved their service.

 I remember going to London at 17 with my girl friend. The chaos, the drugs, the in-crowd clubs, being mentioned in the Music Maker as a gorgeous long legged woman by Nick Kent who got me in aforementioned clubs merely by saying hi, making out like we were friends. I remember Biba, Mary Quant, Island recording studios where I hung out with Brian Eno (long story but oh, what fun) and Mick Jagger was recording in the next studio and trying to get a cab to the Hammersmith Odeon in ’73 only to be given the run around by the cab driver and missing THE David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars concert. We were gutted.

David Bowie’s music from that moment on was always tinged with sweet memories and melancholy for me. Never saw him perform life but I will always remember Fame, Heroes, Cat people, the Hunger and Sorrow just to name a few.

Rest in Peace David Bowie. May your music, genius, fearlessness in music live on.



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