Stock Markets, Milk Prices And Wages Collapsing And Wars And Civil Unrest Rising. Welcome To 2016!

First of all you must remember that stock markets are not the real economy. Maybe at one stage it was a reliable gauge for the real world economy but that has long been replaced by corporations buying up their own stocks with no interest money from the Federal Reserve pumping up their share prices. That fraud is coming to an end and that is what you see happening on an epic scale.

At the same time the austerity measures forced into place with the IMF’s conditions on any country who needs to borrow money has to put in place pushing vulnerable people towards crushing poverty kills of what is remaining of a real economy resulting milk prices and other real world product prices to tumble too.

The reset to a reality based financial system could be on its way except of course the financial powers that be don’t want their free for all to end and they are ramping up the hot conflicts while spreading discontent and the possibility of Europe descending in civil war turmoil with the increase of the numbers of mostly Muslim refugees into the already impoverished destabilized Southern European countries with an overflow to the richer Northern countries.

This year will be, just like 2015, about more chaos, destabilisation and mayhem. From armed resistance such as the patriot movement in the US or the Taliban in Afghanistan, to apocalyptic bombing sprees in Muslim countries. We will see it all this year.

As long as the 1% can get away with this it will continue!

May the force be with us all.


One thought on “Stock Markets, Milk Prices And Wages Collapsing And Wars And Civil Unrest Rising. Welcome To 2016!

  1. Happy New Year and may it bring much needed peace and love.

    Absolutely right, like the fraudulent financial system, the price fixing of the commodity market, the stock market… all fake. They are deliberately bring down the price of milk(2016 land / dairy acquisition) and lowering wages.

    But as all the insanity of the shadow govt comes to light there is more awareness of it. They fear mass ( 10%)understanding and awakening as they can only rule by consent( ignorance) of the majority.

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