2016 has started. At least here in New Zealand but it will be only 45 minutes to reach Europe.

2015 has been an annus horribilus for me and mine. Loss of health, job, career for my husband, the death of my mother in law and 5 people I knew in varying degrees, who died of cancer or suicide. These years happen to all of us and how we get over them is what defines us.

I woke up in this new year feeling hopeful for myself and my husband of 28 years. We will get through this somehow. We have much to look forward too. We have tools and skills and a safe income for now.

But many have not. If you are born in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Ukraine, your country has been destroyed, you may have loved ones who were killed in the mayhem the West foisted upon your country. You may have decided to got to countries who were not at war only to find that the people there did not want to know.

If you are one of the people who lost their jobs, ended up on a no hour contract in a city with a housing bubble you may have found yourself living in a car with your family while the prime minister flew out to celebrate a gluttonous Christmas with his family in Hawaii. You may have been one of the people who were shunned by a healthcare system under pressure to make profit or is underfunded and you are on a waiting list for a lifesaving operation.

To be quite honest, I don’t know how people in those situations cope. I can barely cope in the situation we are in so to have no help and be exposed to the brutality of war, famine, poverty is a hell I can only envision in my blackest dreams of fear and despair.

I realise it could and still can so very easily be me. As the saying goes: There for the grace of God go I.

Whether you believe in a divine being or not, chance or a bit of luck is a very real occurrence. For people like John Key to claim that poor, sick, young, old people only have themselves to blame for making bad lifestyle choices is barbaric, cruel and callous and my hope for this year is that while one of the blackest economic, spiritual, financial, military storms to ever hit humanity is upon us we will find our common humanity and resist the utter depravity we are being confronted with and that we will be able to share the abundance in our lives with the people around us who do not.

May you all have peace. love and comfort in this new year.

All my love to you

Ev Gilbert

5 thoughts on “2016

  1. Hope you have a good 2016? is this your blog? Its very good work. I see someone above talking of the “human condition” – this is double/ babble speak invented by the ‘satanists’ who run the planet, and have done for 18,000 years. When you hear someone blame the “human condition” – rest assured you are speaking to one of these satanists who like to create excuses for their own crimes. People need to do more research into the Kabala, or Cube, the so called 666, or Hex over man- as displayed on the Israeli/ Rothschild flag. The fact is, our rulers worship blood letting and death, for their “God” – and now their new God- which they seem to change every 2000 years with the shifting of the zodiac above us. As above so below. They tax the poor, purely to persecute them. There is no need for it- except that these Old Testament / Talmud worshiping satanists believe they must “sacrifice” to their God, saturn/ satan. Just google or youtube “the cube, saturn” and you can go for days learning about it- the God of this earth, el, the Lord, Satan. Those who spew their “human condition” rubbish are deceivers and lairs- and most likely from the ‘Sin-agogue’ behind it all. Arguably not even human- it is in fact the anti human condition – not the human condition. 😉

  2. For the most part humanity is unaware of the true nature of its origins and how this relates to its condition, which seems, for the most unfortunate of them, to be becoming increasingly desperate.

    To understand the human condition it is essential to first understand the Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero, for it was Cicero who made the distinction between two groups of people, one which he called “humans” and the other “barbarians”. Cicero’s humans were citizens of Rome, and his barbarians were non-Romans who provided the primary reason for the existence of Roman citizenship: protection by the state.

  3. Dear Ev Gilbert,

    Another 7 minutes here in the Neherlands. Thank you a thousand times for all your invaluable input.

    All my dearest wishes for you and your loved ones – Henriette Abas.

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