I Don’t Do Christmas But I Wish You All Truth, Love And Peace!

Living in the Southern Hemisphere means that the festivities around Christianity have a strangely schizophrenic quality. Christmas which of course was a midwinter return of the sun celebration and the birth of Christ was super imposed on it.

To celebrate this celebration in the summer just doesn’t work with me and while it is hard to escape I try to avoid it. The summer is about being outdoors, out there being extrovert and have space, while the winter is about being indoors, introvert, introspection warm fires and family and the celebration of the return of the Sun.

The same goes for Easter which of course is the celebration of the goddess of fertility and spring Eastra with here sacred animal the hare. Here it is celebrated in Autumn and last but not least the commemoration of the dead and departed in Autumn most people now know as Halloween but which was originally called Samhain which is celebrated in Spring over here.

It all makes for a disjointed unconnected series of celebrations which have no connection what they were intended for: To keep us connected to nature and the cycle of life.

I thought I’d link to the film Zeitgeist 1 once again which sums it up pretty well. I’ll be having a bit of a summer holiday after easily one of the most pivotal life changing years I have had to live through and as my husband and I prepare to live a third life together, I hope that you, my readers, have a break too and we’ll meet in the new year to continue our journey to Truth, Love and Peace while the powers that be try their hardest to stop us from reaching those goals. We will win. Of this I am sure. There is only love and fear and love conquers fear in the end. It always does!

One thought on “I Don’t Do Christmas But I Wish You All Truth, Love And Peace!

  1. Hi, here is a link to a presentation showing what the ritual of “christmas” really is. It’s far more sinister than what you might think.
    You will be very glad you don’t participate in it, once you see the presentation.

    I also strongly recommend watching the following video as well…

    …Plus all the other videos by that user.

    CAUTION – the content in those links may change your view on what ‘life’ actually is, and what ‘reality’ actually is. You are likely to have never encountered such information before.

    The second link should be watched first, however, because it’s christmas time of year – the first link would be ok to watch first.

    I hope you enjoy this mountain of NEW information. Note-taking is a must with this information, one couldn’t possibly piece it all together without taking notes.

    All the best,
    -a long time reader of your blog.

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