On Jihadi Brides, Mass Shootings And The Advent Of $59 Million Worth Of Guns Or Why You Should Know Where The Next Civil Defence Exercises Are!

With the emergence of the information that with the last Paris attack and the San Bernardino once again civil defence exercises had gone life as with the 9/11, 7/7, Boston bombing attack to name a few it becomes apparent that knowing about these exercises can serve as a tool to predict where the next terror attack might take place.

As in the rest of the world our government, secret services and the army are ratcheting up the fear of terror attacks on New Zealand soil.

We now have our own extremists, Jihadi brides (Whatever that may mean) and the warning that no one is safe anywhere so we have to spend $56 million of the meanest mothers of all guns to arm our army which just recently happened to train for civil unrest.

I have become an email subscriber to the Civil defence page of Hamilton as I predict that Hamilton would be an ideal town to stage a terrorist attack in. It is after all heartland New Zealand, has (with notable exceptions) a truly epic level of ignorance with regards to politics, global events and Islam and in a country which has now officially been recognised as the most ignorant of industrialized Western countries that is saying something!

It may pay for all of us to make sure we find out where civil defence exercises are being held and to make sure they know we know.

4 thoughts on “On Jihadi Brides, Mass Shootings And The Advent Of $59 Million Worth Of Guns Or Why You Should Know Where The Next Civil Defence Exercises Are!

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  2. key running ads for jihadi brides for Israeli State on jewish billionaire owned isis mouth piece – mediawerks. nice. these inbred mafia criminals have been at war with us for the past 15 years-and not one cop, military or politician has even realised. not a great start.
    check out Brendon OConnell on youtube- 3 years in jail for exposing jewish freemason control of aussie courts, media and govt.

  3. Wonder how to make young women dissapear for sex trafficking? call them Jihadi brides and say they went to Syria!

  4. We recently had an exercise here in Palmerston North. Late at night loud helicopters right over my house. It was very scary. They practiced landing on the roof of the local mall. Supposedly an exercise in civil defense.

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