The UK Joins WWIII, The Queen Gives Permission And Declares War!

On the 15th of January 2015 the Daily Mail published an article about the fact that the Queen and other senior royals had been given the opportunity to use their veto right 39 times over a period reaching as far back as 1999.

One of the vetoes issued by the Queen was against a law that would impede on her sole right to declare war or peace. A right that goes back centuries and while currently she can only declare war or peace upon advice of her ministers it is safe to say that if she does not want to declare war there would be a serious problem!

In an email from Colin Powell detailing the pending visit of Tony Blair to George Bush leading up to the war in Iraq, George Powell  explicitly mentions the Queens approval for the visit making her complicit in the deceit that was the lead up to the illegal attack on Iraq based on lies about yellow cake, weapons of mass destruction and the involvement of Saddam Hussein in the attack on 9/11.

blair 2

Click on link for the entire email!

Today the UK Government voted to bomb ISIS on Syrian soil which is tantamount to declaring war on Syria. The UK is in Syria without it’s permission or invitation. Without a declaration of the UN this is illegal and a war crime. One thing is sure. The Queen will have signed the declaration of war and the jets were awaiting the official go ahead to take off as soon as it was given!



One thought on “The UK Joins WWIII, The Queen Gives Permission And Declares War!

  1. It i s quite absurd the fact that the Bush Blair friendship so being endorsed way back then by the Queen Betty is even more absurd that those 2 delinquent power hungry idiots could cause such destruction to the world because their business deals with the dictators went belly up and now it is getting an extension of huge magnitude that if any of the world left will be able to restore any kind of order in that region other than that resembling the Romans or the Turks empires in history is beyond comprehension World war 3 alright the final oil war

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