9 thoughts on “Pilots, Doctors and Scientist Are Telling The Truth About Chemtrails!

  1. Reblogged this on Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch and commented:
    When Scientists, Doctors and Pilots are speaking up, how can they all be wrong? This is truth from the horses’ mouths so to speak … most folks prefer to sweep this matter into the conspiracy basket and forget it. I do hear folks who on hearing the evidence do concede it is real, then add, ‘but it’s too big’. Well this is truth, but believe me, it is not going to go away. This is called denial or avoidance and we do it with many things. This matter however concerns our health, our lives in fact. Please do research it with an open mind.

  2. Can’t argue with that, but THEY will. They are denying it flatly. Just had reply from Min of Envir NZ again flatly denying. They lie. Think will send them this vid. Thanks Ev.

  3. the chemtrails are hiding something. watch carefully- they are only on certain days, for an orbit perhaps, and they always spray during the day and then you can see the trails sloly moved over the sun as it sets-every time. i reckon they are covering up a second sun por planetary body. and the other theories are diversions from that fact. she’s coming in!! Isis. every 2000 years. Or possibly 24,000 years. One thing you can guarantee – all that land they stole in the Middle East over past 70 years in preparation- will be safe land- Israel.

  4. Sounds to me Mathew, like nothing you comment is worth reading – lesson learned 🙂

    You are welcome to make it mutual.

  5. Usual reverse psychology.

    They intend to destroy the planet for mass population eugenics (i.e. Georgia Guidestones) via Haarp; CO2 is the main atmospheric barrier to the haarp/chem trail techonology projected ability to cause such an singular cataclysmic event.

    The underground bases/refuges are the caveat for the ‘helpers’ & ‘true believers’ included in the know.

    • Nope doom and gloom Nik.
      The small percentage of atmospheric C02 does not and would not prevent a cataclysmic event.
      Sounds to me almost like you are camp “climate change” “survivalist ” fear mongering.

      They probably just need more believers at the church of catastrophe.
      The real catastrophe has happened and it is that we have forgotten we are human beings. We simper in fear at the lies of the oligarchy’s (Crown, Vatican and Washington) war machine.We believe the lies and unknowingly manifest the NWO agenda by consent.

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