A Message From James Corbett: Environment Movement, You Have Been Hijacked!

Wheevelynn David Mayer de Rothschild, the youngest child of Evelyn de Rothschild (seen with Prince Charles here), became an environmental adventurer with his own TV program and Al Gore toured around the world in a private plane telling us about an Inconvenient Truth while increasing his personal wealth from $ 3 million to a cool $ 1 billion I sort of knew the jig was up.

When I saw meteorological pictures of the planets temperatures with the Arctic being 21 Cº and the US having polar temperatures I began to do research into weather modification. I am now convinced Geo-weather modification on a grand scale is already being implemented. That is to say: We are being subjected to programs that change our weather patterns with the help of Chem trails, Ionic heaters such as HAARP and that parts of our planet are artificially being subjected to droughts, storms and other climate mayhem. In fact the same Evelyn de Rothschild, seeing here stabbing the heir to the English Throne in the chest, started the global weather derivatives program in which the über-wealthy can make money betting on the weather.

With the climate meeting in Paris on the way (where Parisians were not allowed to march against climate change and Geo-engineering because of ‘Safety”concerns in the aftermath of the recent attacks) at which geo-engineering will be a big part of the discussion, many believe that that discussion will be a big step towards legalizing geo-engineering, thereby creating a system in which taxation can be enforced with climate intervention. It will become in other words a powerful weapon managed by unelected, unaccountable secretive entities who already control the military and the financial system.

So to those who still labour under the impression that Climate change is the result of our sinful bad behaviour and we should all be culled in order to heal the planet here is a message from James Corbett from Corbett report. I could not have said it better myself.

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