Michael Parenti: Terrorism, Globalisation and Conspiracy.

(Video first published in 2007 on this blog)

A very enlightening lecture By Dr. Michael Parenti.

In light of the media barrage on why people who don’t want the flag to change are nuts, conspiracy theorists and should be shunned by “normal” people, who understand the importance of voting, I thought I’d republish this eminently important lecture on why it pays to be aware of corporate conspiracies to gain global control. You are not nuts when you have a healthy paranoia with regards to our corporately owned government and the bankster goon, we know as John Key, running it!

One thought on “Michael Parenti: Terrorism, Globalisation and Conspiracy.

  1. Voting is giving consent to be ruled, not many know the ruling oligarchy need consent.
    It comes in the compliance you see everywhere, in voting.
    Most people didn’t give a crap about the flag BS and so they were unable to manifest a new flag for the Crown’s nwo.

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