John Key Thinks Prince Charles Is Great As Head Of The Commonwealth! No Kidding!

In 2013 I reported on a mainstream media article that mentioned that John Key would be leading the quest to make the English Royal family the head of the group of countries known as the commonwealth forever.

At this moment the English queen is the head of state of only 9 of those countries which including New Zealand, number 53.

When “Queen” Elisabeth II dies “prince” Charles is not the automatic head of state of those 9 countries let alone the rest of the common wealth. So what John Key is trying to achieve is that the Queen and here descendants will inherit the title of head of the common wealth forever. I don;t know about you but to me that sounds like a reinstitution of the British empire.

Not only that, they have invited Europe to join the commonwealth in one form or another too!

So when John Key innocently remarks that “Prince” Charles would be ideal as the head of state of the Common wealth what he is actually doing is furthering the agenda of an unelected parasitical family in which he has invested greatly on a personal level!

You might want to think about that the next time we see another royal sprout being produced by “Prince” William and his common wife Catherine! That’s 80 years of neo-feudal world dominion right there!


11 thoughts on “John Key Thinks Prince Charles Is Great As Head Of The Commonwealth! No Kidding!

  1. The Zionist takeover is not only happening there- Just check out how many Ashkenazi Jews are embedded into my Government here in the good ole USA-
    Who Controls America?
    I don’t really understand Kiwi’s- You folks don’t seem to talk much to one another on this site- I have been posting here for some time and have only received A response from Travellerev- Whats with that?

    • I was really impressed with the guy in the video below- I hope he has A resounding effect on change there in Western Australia- He seems to be A man that needs to be heard and listened to-
      That Masonic pyramid in the front of that Court House made my skin crawl- Along with this Man’s story about these creepy Fks. with their striped ties….

  2. jewish queen and alleged heroin trafficker sian elias is now head of the nation. working for israel. as they all do. you should do an article on brendon oconnell mate – excellent work here – the raw truth

  3. Oh this is big alright. To swear alliegance to the Crown is to bow the knee to Ba’al. Dumbocracy is the tendering of common consent of the governed, to the Government, withc (sic) in turn bows to the Crown. This is what is commonly known as will-craft, aka witchcraft. By gaining the assent and agreement of the governed, they then subsume their personal soverign power, but the governed like it that way as it means that they do not have to bow to the conscience, the vocie of “God” within, which is never wrong.

    The Crown has been an ongoing operative force sine the time of Tubal-Cain, 7000yrs ago. The current cultural composite is Chucky, the Prince of Greyness, who is the highest ranking military officer in the Commonwealth adn who will soon assume a whole raft of crowns and titles to add to those he already has – the acronym of one being D.O.C. Hello? Author of the great global cull doc, Agenda 21.

  4. Yeah some people have short or no heritage when it comes to why people came here 200yrs ago and that Key twat is one one of them

  5. King Charles can be the head of the Commonwealth. No biggy. It’s a ceremonial role and giving him the job makes more sense than wasting time and money working out who else to give it to.

    • It’s more than ceremonial – NZ politicians, police, and judges swear an oath of allegiance to the the head of state.

      Swearing an oath is an act of religion, but the NZ state lies about the theistic origin of the common law, making these oaths acts of hypocrisy.

      • they swear an oath to protect the queen and all/any of her agencies. with the help of “god” / the lord/ eL/ Satan. Its a mafia oath – same as the Bar and Judges-foreign agents operating here. The real shadow Government. Led by Sian Elias – the chief jewish justice and alleged heroin trafficker. The House of David was usurped long ago- and they now all work towards building their new Jerusalem on Israel – using terrorism as the primary means. Drug trafficking & banking as the secondary. Like the meth the Judges and Bar traffic into NZ using Chinese gang cover.

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