My Two Cents On Climate Change.

Today tens of thousands of people will demonstrate against Climate Change and the lack of governments to address the issues arising from this. 

I know I am going to upset people with this post but I want to write it never the less. You see I have a problem with the issue of climate change, warming, turbulence or what you might call it.

Do I believe there is no such thing? No, I believe we have serious trouble with our planet, our destruction of it and our influence in all matters relating to how we influence our environment. No climate change denial here!

But I do believe that if we want to comprehend and understand what and how we are influencing the global weather patterns we need to take all factors into consideration.

Here is one of them: The strange lines criss-crossing our skies over the last couple of years. We call them chemical trails because they are filled with Aluminium, Barium and Strontium.

To many they are simply Condensation trails but here is why that is impossible. Condensation trails can only occur under very specific conditions.

  • The plane has to fly above 30.000 feet
  • The temperature has to be under -40 Cº
  • The relative humidity has to be 67% or higher

These conditions are rarely met making the hugely increased lines in the sky a scientific aberration. And if they are not condensation we have to ask what are they and what are they for?

Here is an ex-KLM pilot talking about them in more detail.

4 thoughts on “My Two Cents On Climate Change.

  1. Its a big push to believe a lie that man’s C02 (exhalation)can change the climate and is a pollutant .
    CO2 is Nature’s colorless, odorless, tasteless gas essential for all life on Earth. It’s not toxic. It doesn’t make land, water or air dirty or unsafe to use. It does not cause disease. CO2 comprises less than about 0.04 percent of the air. Of Earth’s annual production of CO2, humans produce just 3 percent .

  2. I got harangued at a neighborhood get together by a totally brainwashed wcc employee about taking part in the climate change march .
    These people are religious about climate change, they really believe propaganda from Al Gore (and the pope) that man’s emissions of C02 has changed( warmed) the climate . They think their very survival depends on the corporation( govt) imposing a carbon tax , costly regulation and carbon trading.
    As though the political campaign “Climate change” wasn’t funded by the Crown for the Crown.

  3. In this political (and religious) movement “Climate change” they confuse “pollution & real environmental damage” with “climate change and C02”.
    There is no such thing as “man made global warming” or “climate change” by man’s C02 emissions. C02 is not a green house gas and C02 is not the driver the climate.
    Here’s a few conservative links for the religious believers of “climate change”.

    I don’t disagree that there is a whole another topic of weaponized weather, geoengineering and environmental pollution these issues are not addressed in “climate change”. In creating a Carbon tax and carbon trading the climate is not addressed at all as its just a way for the .01% to make more $ and maintain control by inflicting more poverty in “Climate change” govt policy.

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