Important Events Leading Up to the November 13 Paris Terrorist Attacks. Sheer Coincidence?

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By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

First published on Global Research

We are bringing to the attention of our readers four important events which preceded the Paris attacks.

1. the French media had already predicted a terrorist attack more than a month before the actual occurrence,

2. the head of France’s external intelligence was in Washington for consultations with CIA John Brennan two weeks before the attacks.

3. On November 5 (one week before the Paris terrorist attacks), the Council of Ministers announces its decision to send France’s aircraft carrier group Charles de Gaulle to the Middle East, with a mandate to “fight against the Islamic state”.

4. And then on the morning of November 13, an emergency scenario of a multi-site terrorist attack is conducted in Paris, involving first responders, medical personnel, police and firemen. 

At this early stage, it is impossible to confirm whether these events bear a relationship to the dramatic events of November 13th.  What they do convey, however, is that France was on a “war footing” against the Islamic State prior to the events of November 13th, namely war preparations against the Islamic State occurred prior to the official announcement by president Hollande that the Paris terrorist attacks of November 13 constituted “an act of war” against the French Republic.  

The decision to dispatch the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier together with its GAN carrier group to the Middle East is of utmost significance. It constitutes a formidable force which will be joining its US and coalition counterparts.

This deployment of France’s naval and air power points to a strategy of military escalation directed against Syria. It is not intended to go after the Islamic State, which is protected by the US led coalition.

October 2: Paris Media Predicts a French Style 9/11, “un 11 septembre à la française”.

The threat is real, according to Judge Trévédic in an interview with Paris Match.

 ”The attacks in France will be on  a scale comparable to 9/11″

“Intelligence services fear a 9/11 French Style”

”impossible a dejouer”, suggesting that French intelligence is inept and unable to prevent a forthcoming terrorist attack, if and when it occurs

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4 thoughts on “Important Events Leading Up to the November 13 Paris Terrorist Attacks. Sheer Coincidence?

  1. The corporate media has now openly tried to blame the French false flag on “climate change” . Even went on to blame the middle east war and conflict on man made “climate change”.
    If you want to see an example of the corporate media’s insanity check out this hilarious POS
    For the Pope’s Climate Change Inquisition to commence they needed to try to establish that “man made warming by CO2 climate change” deniers are “terrorists”.

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