Will Cherry Lazar Drag Us Into WWIII?

key_620x311The photo of moment John Key was getting an update about his daughters safety at Darwin airport made John Key, after a week of anger at his detestable behaviour in parliament, appear human and a worried dad.

Cherry Lazar, the name Stephie Key uses for her art performances, was of course in Paris when the attacks happened and on several otherwise hardcore anti John Key pages we all had to stand in respect of his worry about his daughters safety.

Here is the problem I am having with that respect. John Key has send Kiwi sons and daughters into an illegal war of aggression fighting an enemy we have never had problems with because so he tells us we have to be part of the club!

John Key has already indicated he wants to send more troops to Iraq and I’m sure after the attacks in Paris with Kerry announcing that the US will start war with Syria which means they will attack Russia, more Kiwis will be send over.

John Key “the worried dad” will use his daughters safety (if not him Crosby & Textor will) to create hell on earth for the people of Syria and people from New Zealand will pay the highest price for that involvement in what is still an illegal war of aggression against a sovereign nation defending itself against foreign aggressors!

2 thoughts on “Will Cherry Lazar Drag Us Into WWIII?

  1. Yes our military will all be sent to the slaughter of more innocent Syrians just like Iraq as aids or some other bs. Key has to pay his subs for membership to the nwo Criminal cabal as he has shown on many occasions he is on the side of the necons and probably was since the zionist bankers recruited him.

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