Why Did Three Suicide Bombers Blow Themselves Up Outside of The Stadium Killing None But Themselves?

Earlier, sources close to the investigation said that a Syrian passport had been found near the body of one of the suicide bombers who blew himself up near a Paris soccer stadium in one of the other attacks.

French media also said that an Egyptian passport had been found near the body of a second suicide bomber at the site. Stuff.co.nz

According to several media outlets three bombs exploded as a result of suicide bombers outside of the Stade or the soccer stadium where non other than the French President Hollande was in attendance to watch the game.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they didn’t blow anybody but themselves up but the true terror of suicide bombers is that they tend to blow themselves up while surrounded by people which begs the question: Why did they wait until everybody was safely inside of the building and why did they bring indestructible passports which survived the blasts giving away their identity and the US reason to attack Syria and or Egypt if they would be so inclined?

8 thoughts on “Why Did Three Suicide Bombers Blow Themselves Up Outside of The Stadium Killing None But Themselves?

  1. Perhaps all the freemason western leaders should start their “we stand with france” speeches by finally exposing 911 truth? oh wait – they are ALL part of it also. this war on terra.

    • I Agree.
      There is an awful lot of money invested in those Climate change hedge funds.
      The idea of “man made global warming” (renamed “climate change”) must be “sold” in Paris the big investors are all in on it.
      The owners of the investment funds and corporations must be hoping we’ve all forgotten about Climategate, their data manipulations and lack of evidence for the ridiculous idea.

    • “Chems Akrouf, identified as a military intelligence expert on television channel France24 said: “This is France’s September 11th.”

      Time mag online article went on to mention the Climategate, oh sorry, “climate change” negotiations(!?). They speak as though man made global warming by CO2 was not just a fictional political idea.
      The science was not settled and Al gores investment fund premise was disproved as untrue.

    • Yes I read the same report but isn’t it strange he did so after the game had already started and the guards could take all their time to frisk him? Why not be in the middle of all of it and blow up as many people trying to get into the stadium as possible!

  2. Just been asking myself the exact same question. News reports say the suicide belts were filled with shrapnel which suggests an intent to blow themselves up in the stadium.
    My guess is the bombs were remote controlled, if so, whomever was in control, caused the bombers to explode outside.
    It is reported that the three terrorists who murdered in the region of 100 people at the Bataclan Club blew themselves up. So not much for the survivors to identify. Is it possible these were patsies blown to cover the escape of the gunmen?
    Doesn’t make any difference to the dead, injured and their families for whom we all grieve.

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